La beauté des petites fleurs [Short Story]

May 18, 2017

It's to young to give up for anything you wanted in life. So, what about give in?
It was like another life time passed by without even someone narrated it. 

"How could you accepted the fact that you can make something out of it, yet you choose to let it go?" The older woman with grey hair looked at her, pitiful.

It was like another Dexter, keep on loosing chances with Emma in 1988. While it was clear on 1940, they're together, were never married and never saw each other again once he left for war.

One of the guy in the back sit, the fat one with the white shirt and crocked halo, tries to stand up but then give up and keep eating his popcorn. He take a deep breath and counting to three. Then he whispers to the little girl with gold hair next to him, " I guess both of them are bad people, really bad people in their previous life."

The little girl with the same star wand as the other angel then stand up and kick the chair in front of him and yelled at God, " You couldn't do this to my Cecilia. I'm her guardian since her soul trapped in the world 800,000 years ago, At least You should tell me what will happen to her in the next 20 years or give her at least one chances in her lifetime to actually live the life she deserves. I only have this job because I really want to see if Cecilia or Emma will eventually have one!"

God doesn't talk back nor answer her frustration. After all this little girl is only 800.100 years old, she doesn't know how heaven works for people who still trap in the world. But at the beginning God did explain something to this little girl that Cecilia or Emma or whatever name she had or will ever have in future, that she will be reunited for the great purpose when she's ready.

Even angels are impatient to wait for this to happen. It's not like the other human that could only have 7 times and usually made it at the end. It's already 800.000 years and she was born 1968 times already. 

Everyone in this very room is confuse.

She was never be one of those important people while she lived or live or will live in the world.
She was never invented anything or being written as poet or painted by important artist.
She's far from anything that belong to the world.

Even if she vanished today, no one will ever look for her.

"Her love is blind, which is why she is special and one of a kind," Mother walks down to the room, surrounding by her own grace. 

With eyes full of mercy, she sits in a broken chair and hold her little girl hand and whispers," Trust me, just have faith in me, she will be okay."

Not even Robbie, or Dexter in the end of day will be there for her, all the kingdom of heaven will cherish her life. Because she's one of a kind, 

After all, we live by faith, not by sight. Yes?

So, how are you today? 

June To Come

May 05, 2017

Emotional attachment on me
I felt them all
Symphony of a sympathy
Should I stop them from happening?

June to come
The middle of year will come
I wanted to be that girl
That girl, among those other girls

It's too stupid sometimes
To believe in something uncertain
I just wish that June will come soon

Where the water is too clear
I can show your reflection on it
I can wash away our sins, theirs too
June to come

For the father who's long gone
For the friend who's missing home
For the man who's walk alone
They will come on June, soon.
Very soon.
Too soon.

June to come
But tears perfectly fall down
On one evening
On the best time to sleep
On the highest expectation
On the illusions of December

So, June to come
Will I still be here on June?
Or will you dissapear on my darkest night
My twisted mind
My selfish world

June to come
I wish if I have more time
I wanted to escape
I wanted to be trapped
To those days in April
Hundred and hundred years ago

The perfect time on June
Starting from April
They did meet, then they died on June.

June to come
Tell my children I love them
Tell my teacher I will always owe them
And tell God, I wish I was better person.

I'm still on May
6th of May
Trying to sleep
Crying to sleep

Lately my heart is sobbing
Even my brain couldn't even protest anymore.
It's too pity to laugh at too.

Should I wait even more?

You know,
But you decided not to know.

June to come,
My tongue is tied
This secret isn't mine to tell


I'm crying.

+Random girl

Don't Worry Baby

March 23, 2017

Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while,
Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies
Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst,
Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?


Dina Sagita, S.I.Kom, after my thesis defence day and finally Yoan Letsoin, S.I.Kom- 9 February 2015
Being a girl isn't easy. Well, I'm thinking the same for boys as well. But remember those days and late night girl talk about future. What kind of life that we will be having in future? Will it be whatever we always wanted to be or will it be everything in life we always wanted to avoid?

When life was only between university, concert, social activities, travelling and exams. Most of them were exams, take home test or just bullshitting about political issue at local street food outlets for hours.

I missed those days. No, not the exams.

Fell for boys then again fell out for them as well. Talked and shared dreams with your best friends were the best. Still are one of the best things in life you could experience.

I've heard two happy news from my best friend, Dina. She's planning for things in September. I cannot wait to flight to Jakarta and be there for the event. We were pretty sure Ivana or Nuranti will be the first best friend to invite me over for the event, but Dina just did and I couldn't be more happy for her.

While she never said anything before to me, I just knew. She didn't even have to tell me things, she's one of our troops, of course things don't have to be explained. We knew and we always know.

"I get ready, I get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
It doesn't matter if I'm not enough
For the future or the things to come
'Cause I'm young and in love"- Lana Del Rey

While the other best friend of mine in Batam, already bugged me so much to attend to her event on April 29th. Lisa was like, "Don't go anywhere on 29th April and be there for my birthday!"

Turned out she's preparing her engagement party on her birthday with the guy she has been dating for...ever. She finally say yes to his proposal. He proposed like hundred times already, while she was still confuse here and there.

Once upon a movie night with Lisa, 11 December 2016

You know, lesson learned from Lisa is the rich one, or the smart one and the good looking one will be beaten by the one who always be there through good and the bad. 

While from Dina is, you just need to be patient and open your heart for new possibilities. Things will happen if it's meant to be happen (with the one you always avoid).

My Dearest Ivana and Nuranti, while these girls and some of our friends already have another step. Just remember to be grateful and take one step at a time and listen to Lana Del Rey, or my mother, "Don't worry baby..."

Let us die young or let us live forever
We don't have the power, but we never say never

Yoan Helen Letsoin

I need to get new notebook, new cell phone as well. Until saving up for more, then I will share some boring stuff like politic and things that are serious that will make you hate me, because it's not  that amusing to read. 


March 22, 2017

Ada yang hilang.
Melepaskan karena tak pernah terikat.

Semoga saja mencari.
Dan selalu kembali.

Sampai nanti.

True Love Stays True

March 06, 2017

He's amazing, you couldn't screw this one up!- Jan 20th 2017-

Oh Tuhan,
Kucinta dia
Kusayang dia
Kurindu dia
Inginkan dia.

Utuhkanlah rasa cinta di hatiku.
Hanya padanya

Untuk dia.

And I... am feeling so small
It was over my head
I know nothing at all
And I... will stumble and fall
I'm still learning to love
Just starting to crawl

Sometimes you have to admit, for some girl like me (probably you too) will be exaggerated about some day dreamy true love story. It's always unique and make your heart warm for several moment, probably you will remember the stories to pass to your other clique or write it down to your journal, until it forgotten and you decided that there's no such thing until you try to believe in it again.

The idea of love sometimes is more tempting rather than the love itself. I believe there's also the form of ugly love. Love that so fragile but neither of them don't know how to deal with it until it sunk like a broken ship. I'm sorry, I'm exaggerated right now.

You don't know what hits you until you experience it yourself. You think you know? You don't! Stop feeling like you know everything. Even if you're already on your 70s, I don't think you already experience everything. And every form of relationship is unique. Different man, different woman, different experience you would have. Though somehow it feels familiar and similar, you cannot be stubborn and generalize every person.

But if you think you cannot change yourself to be better person and always think that every man or every woman are just the same, then good luck with your life. And really, if every man or every woman who did ever broke your heart are just the same like everybody else, then why confuse to pick just one? I mean you thought they are all the same right? Think again.

I never really have picture on my brain that I will pass 40 (Sorry, just a hunch... but really, I don't really want to live forever). But it always sad when you heard someone you know passed away when they are too young.

Too young to die. But is there any perfect time to die?

You'll go when you already finish your fight and found the one that worth fighting for.

I also live by faith, not by sight.

I'm not that worried of having someone dearly near me through this life as I can do things by myself, but I don't want that. I know I will find that person, in this life or any other life I will have. But in this life, I will do the best that I can to experience love to its purest form.

In the sea of lovers without ships
And lovers without sight
You're the only way out of this
Sea of lovers losing time
And lovers losing hope
Will you let me follow you ?
Wherever you go
Bring me home

Live means to be celebrate, even if you have bunch of responsibilities line up like crazy. I always wanted to play in this world like kids. I mean it will be fun to have friend to share your wild crazy adventure. This big world will be my playground.

And kids will fight over everything. But always find a way to be friend again and laugh at some weird memorable picture.

Ah this post dedicated for Laurentia Firsta (1993-2017) and Mario Alfonso (1988-2016).

It's amazing how you guys spend years of relationship (I think it was 7 years) then married for amazing 2 months before Mario went to better place and how your friends said that you always missed Mario and always remembered how it was one of the beautiful things that could ever happened to you. Rest in peace Kak Firsta, I believe you are already reunited. Because true love stays true. Even after death.

To infinity and beyond. Always.

The one that will always patiently waiting, 
(For the first 5 years or more...)

Yoan Helen Letsoin

Ps. Too much tears today, I feel like I wanted to make myself calm by writing this post. But I do want to have what you guys had. 

What I Like

Inspiration : Meghan Markle

December 19, 2016

It's always nice to hear speech like this from another woman. Turned out Meghan Markle is currently Prince Harry's girlfriend. Wow, I never thought Harry will meet this amazing girl because he will always fool around with different girls on every occasions, just like Clooney who always seen with different models from time to time on the red carpet before meet Amal Alamuddin.

I love that she just looked stunning with natural make up and simple up do and YES, LBD makes everything look classy.

And seriously, Harry, if you don't end up with Meghan, just listen to this old lady :

Yoan Letsoin


PS. I'm having a cold right now and please, I beg you, don't invite me to do anything outside. Especially you Hilda.... YES YOU HILDA!

Story of My Life


December 17, 2016

Please Be More Mature 
E : Yo, do you want to have matching polo shirt with me?
Y : I don't know, why don't you ask your boyfriend to have matching polo shirt together?
E : That's the problem, he didn't want to and he asked me to be more of mature person.
Y : How could he be that clueless?
E : Yeah, right? I mean, we can do everything ourselves and I am mature enough and I am responsible and I JUST WANT TO HAVE MATCHING POLO SHIRT!
Y : You need to tell him really. Like maybe say to him like... "Honey, it's just stupid polo shirt, just wear it together and you already could make me the happiest person."
E : I hate having argument with him. Too tired to do that after work.

So, because E really wanted to have matching polo shirt, we just decided to have office matching polo shirt together and asked our squad to join. Thank you Edison, Charles, Jupri, now you made us the happiest girls at office. We should be more mature in future. 

Meet A Girl = Gym Membership 
C : So, I met this girl.
Y : Come again?
C : This is the girl I want to die for and definitely the girl I want to marry.
Y : So rare C, so rare... What's wrong with you?
C : You know, I also signed up for gym membership.
Y : You're fine. But yeah, you'll look good with abs.
C : I drink this milk to build abs.... (Keep going about how exercise is important)
Y : Ehm, you cut your hair too?
C : Yes, I want to look fresh.
Y : Good choice.
C : Do you think she will like me?
Y : Do you think you like yourself?
C : I'm okay, I'm honest and I'm smart.
Y : Yes, she will.
C : And Yo, how to ask her to go out with me? I mean, I asked her out but she said to asked others too.
Y : Well, it means she's not yet comfortable to go out with you alone. You should asked others too but make sure your other friends know that you like her, so they can give you opportunity here and there to get to know her.
C : What should I wear?
Y : Seriously? 

Girls and boys aren't that different when they have this silly thing like falling in love. So, good luck on your first date C!

Mom and Her Phone
M : Kakak, Ini hp mama kenapa ya?
Y : Kenapa gimana?
M : Pulsanya habis mulu, tiap hari ada sms masuk banyak banget. Padahal mama sudah isi pulsa berkali-kali, cepet banget habisnya.

Karena ribet mesti jelasin ada SMS Spam berbayar yang nguras pulsa nyokap, solusi yang gue kasih pun jadinya,

Y : Mama, coba bawa aja handphonenya ke abang-abang jualan pulsa. Minta abangnya bantuin UNREGISTER atau UNREG SMS langganan ya.
M : Bilang gitu ke abangnya?
Y : Iya, bilang gitu aja.
M : Yaudah kak, dadah...
Y : Dadahhh mama, love you!

My Possessive Friends : Lois Edition
L :  Tell everyone where you'll be at.
L : If possible.
Y : Hahahaha
L : Don't forget turn on your GPS! Wkwkwk
Y : Alright Mam!
L : I'm so extra possessive right nowww
Y : Everytime I move to another place, I'll use 'share my location' feature via Line App FOR YOU

My Possessive Friends : Mida Edition
M : Why you never post anything cute on your Path when we go out together and tag me with nice picture ?
Y : I rarely log in to my Path but... seriously Mida? Really?
M : When you go out with Hilda, you will post it online.
Y : Well, okay, I'm going to post something when we go out on my PATH which I am not really play. Satisfied?
M : Yes!
Y : Oh Gosh... Even my x won't ever do that. You are a crazy person Mida, and I'm being serious. :)

My Cupid Friend 
R : How come? 
Y : I'm asking your opinion.
R : I'm not against it, but it will be better NOT TO because all the differences.
Y : But what if I like the person?
R : I can't do nothing about it and wish you well... Ehm, do you want me to introduce you to amazing guy?
Y : Yeah, why not?
R : He haven't meet anyone and do you know who is the person that I'm going to fix you with?
Y : Well, you haven't mention any name... So, I kind of lost. Do this guy is mature and funny and happen to be in the same belief? Oh, Is he good looking ?
R : Yes, kind of funny, Yes and the last one you have to decide yourself.
Y : Okay, who is this guy? G**n? 
R : Is G**n ever there in MATURE CATEGORY?
Y : NOPE. Is it Iv** ?
R : NOPE. I'm not going to fix you up with guys like that.
Y : So?
R : It's actually my big brother!
Y : Reginaaaa.... Why? Ahh.. I know! Is it because you and boyfriend wanted to get married next year and don't want to step over and disregard your brother?
R : I mean, yes... and my boyfriend isn't really comfortable if we have to get married first before him finding girl friend or potential wife in future. He's looking for girl who is not childish and not spoiled and loyal of course.
Y : Okay then, you can give him my contacts. But Re, I always silly too sometimes, and kind of childish and of course I'm an independent girl, but I love to be spoiled by my partner in future... So, he might not like me lahh...
R : Ah, I know're not too clingy. Csn I have your pictures?
Y : You can have it all... we're following each other in IG.
R : I'll just screenshot everything. Okay then, wait till my brother text you yaa..
Y : Hahahaha, okay Rere.

GROSS Political Timeline Discussion
N : They said they won't defend anyone during the Governor's Election, and will only defend public interests... But always write about Ahok in timeline. Well, IF YOU DON'T LIKE HIM, DON'T PRETEND THAT YOU SERVED PUBLIC INTEREST WHEN YOU DO THAT! 
Y : Me toooo. I dislike ****'s status so much.
N : HAHAHAHA I unfriend that person long time ago during Presidential Election.
Y : Whoaaa... I couldn't unfriend that person Niken, that person always fond of me and always tag me in every status that will be posted.
N : Cieee.... Gross!
Y : Hahahaha... yep. 

That Pressure Group
S : Status : Thank you honey, for always being there for me through good time and bad.

F then said to group, how about we report her post as abusive content ?
ALL : Sure!! *we log in to our account and report the post as a abusive content*

The post is banned and vanished from our timeline.

F : Should we tell S we do that to her status ?

*Invite S in the group chat*
 F : Sorry, we report your post as abusive content
W : Sorry, we report your post as abusive content (2)
A1 : Sorry, we report your post as abusive content (3)
L : Sorry, we report your post as abusive content (4)
A2 : Sorry, we report your post as abusive content (5)
 and the list goes on... (there's 20 of us)


Dear my super absurd friends and best friends out there, 
I'm so glad I have you guys in my life. And somehow I wonder why we could ever be friend with each other in the first place. Like, sometimes I DO DISLIKE being your friend but you guys manage things well between us. I'm glad that I know you!

I promise I'll write something a bit serious later on. I have so much going on right now and pardon me of my honesty, YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY AND I LOVE YOU!


Yoan Letsoin

Na Na Na

The Best Folk Today

December 13, 2016

Oh, Ophelia, you've been on my mind girl since the flood
Oh, Ophelia, heaven help a fool who falls in love

This is the part to show how he feels about her

Sleep On The Floor
Pack yourself a toothbrush dear
Pack yourself a favorite blouse
Take a withdrawal slip
Take all of your savings out
'Cause if we don't leave this town
We might never make it out

This is the part when she missed her chance with him

From the second time around
The only love I ever found
Oh Angela it's a long time coming

Home at last

She married another man and pregnant but later on she realized that she have to go and do what she always wanted to do since she was younger. But it's too late, really. It's OK too even if it's too late.

I was Cleopatra, I was young and an actress
When you knelt by my mattress, and asked for my hand
I was sad you asked it, as I laid in a black dress
With my father in a casket, I had no plans

And I left the footprints, the mud stained on the carpet
And it hardened like my heart did when you left town
But I must admit it, that I would marry you in an instant
Damn your wife, I'd be your mistress just to have you around

But I was late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life
And when I die alone, when I die alone, when I die I'll be on time

While the church discouraged, any lust that burned within me
Yes my flesh, it was my currency, but I held true
So I drive a taxi, and the traffic distracts me
From the strangers in my backseat, they remind me of you

And the only gifts from my Lord were a birth and a divorce
But I've read this script and the costume fits, so I'll play my part

I was Cleopatra, I was taller than the rafters
But that's all in the past now, gone with the wind
Now a nurse in white shoes leads me back to my guestroom
It's a bed and a bathroom
And a place for the end

I won't be late for this, late for that, late for the love of my life
And when I die alone, when I die alone, when I die I'll be on time


Thank you The Lumineers for making all these great folks for me, and your other fans too.

Yoan Letsoin

Relationship Stuff

The Other Side of The World

December 08, 2016

It's really hard to decide anything when you're not even sure what are you doing right now. I was in the wind of a heavy choice here and there. It was like rejecting the possibility of something really good that might happen for another uncertain possibilities. 

End up loosing both of them. But I knew deep inside that it was not meant to be for me. I believe one thing for sure, If it's meant to be for you, it will eventually come to you and should be easy.

Tridax Daisy 
I was surprised back then when someone send me yellow Tulip with some Daisy on the bouquet that day. He remember I mentioned him before about my favorite kind of flowers. I love Tulip and bright color flower. He added some Daisy because he said it was my birth month flower. So, whenever I look at those other kind of daisy along the street, like Tridax Daisy, I am like... " Hey, my birth month flower! You look cute having those yellow and white color combination, I like you Tridax Daisy."

Shoes' Prints

White Converse
It's like a habit since elementary school, really. I've been loving Converse since then. It was all black Converse, red, and now the white one. The most comfortable shoes ever because I feel like everyday would be a journey, the interesting one. Would it be painful to have heels to go explore the city lights at night ?  or we could just walking round the corner of food stalls and pawn shops to hunt for vintage stuff. Like Parov Stelar said," I'm gonna tell my Momma, that I'm a traveler, I'm gonna follow the sun ~~~)

I wish to live like a water and transform myself and be adaptive in new environment. So, you could hang out with me any time and I also could blend in anytime.

Over the sea and far away
She's waiting like an iceberg
Waiting to change
But she's cold inside
She wants to be like the water
All the muscles tighten in her face
Buries her soul in one embrace
They're one and the same
Just like water

The fire fades away, most of everyday. It's full of tired excuses, but it's too hard to say I wish it were simple, but we give up easily You're close enough to see that you're the other side of the world to me 

On comes the panic light. Holding on with fingers and feelings alike. But the time has come

To move along. (KT Tunstal/ Other Side of The World)


Location :
Tanjung Pinggir Beach
Batam Island - Indonesia
December 8th 2016
5-6 PM

Canon Rebel T3
18-55 mm

RAW Files

Yoan Helen Apriliyani Letsoin

Bla Bla Bla

Hey, You're Viral Part 3: Genius Versus Madness

December 04, 2016

Actually this article was on my draft since early November and I just want to publish it today because I was busy working and training for DNS stuff (I should make blog about my work, it's kind of interesting ... for nerd people,  I guess). So, this is my point of view about the genius and madness stuff that tend to be viral online.
Warning :
This article is only my opinion about some stuff going on in our lives, so I’m open to suggestions and Please CMIIW!

Hey, it's me again this week and today we're going to talk about the election in United States. I'm not sure who's going to win, but seems like it's going to be Trump. I'm not fancy him, or anything but congrats for your win! Hillary will be okay. Like Donald said in their second debate, she is tough. Maybe it's not the right time for Madam President yet in United States.

Too bad, if I could vote, I'm not going to. Because even if she seems to know and familiar about issues in her country, there's something about her is just not right. What can I say, I consider myself a gladiator like Olivia Pope, so, I have to trust my guts. Meanwhile, Trump is just... Trump. He's Trump and you knew him already since He already married to Ivana and cheated on her with Marla and now Melanie. He's the businessman, typical candidate and you might know his agenda already.

Genius Guy with Logical Thinking

P1: ALL Human is kind of animal species
P2: You are human
C: You are kind of animal species.

We do think based on our logic and find the perfect reasoning for some actions. Why this happened to us? Why? Why? How? Seriously? Use your logic! That's the main reason that our technology already come this far in 20 years.

credit :

Newton III Law : ACTION - REACTION (Some of us might call it 'KARMA')
"When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body."

In the Dark Ages, any kind of invention, math, and science is kind of forbidden, because the Catholic church who reigned the whole Europe thought it as a threat for their power. It's easy to think that way that time, because we don't know things. Until now, have you ever feel like the more you learn and study, the more you realize that you don't know many many many things and how the universe is just so complex and feels like infinity?

I would like to think that if there's something weird already explained, it doesn't necessary mean that it's no longer magic anymore. You already know the gravity concept, but could  you just admit that the gravity is just so magical? And how the Wright Brother tried to fly and tried to defy the gravity and succeed. Even if things are already explained, those things are still magical. Which means that there's the unknown force or power that so high that form this concept of our universe and life. Call it whatever you're comfortable with, you might call it God, Allah, Yhwe, Universe, or even Zeus.

So, we shall not afraid about losing our faith because deep inside we're never sure about many things, yet we sure about something higher (probably highest) than us. That's why I don't really believe in Atheist people, I would rather say they're all Agnostic. Renaissance was the golden age for invention and science. People found the vaccine for illness, Nobel made those dynamite and fell sorry about it after those people used it in war, even for the latest conspiracy by madness people.

One of my favorite theme article to read in my timeline is about new invention. Like devices to trace your car key with phone or pretty much anything new. And sometimes I watch a lot of TED Talks or TED Edu, or in Indonesian version, there's KOK BISA? The complicated economy inflation issue explained with cute animation. (I remember had a crush on animation guy back then, he's cute in real life and one of my friend actually dated one, another animation guy and he made her animation movie to show her how much she meant to him...awww... but the twist is that my friend married someone else in the end... hahahaha).

Right now, everyone is craving for new information about something that consist logic behind it and demand the truth to be explained systematically. So, we need those cool nerd to study more and make another new invention or those cool observant to make journal about things.

Credit : | Do you know that Newton was not completely unfortunate looking, right? It's so hard to know that he was never married nor have a girlfriend. Maybe Isaac was gay back then like Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game.Or just socially awkward dude? Think about it!

Madness Guy with Creative Thinking (Way too creative, sometimes)

I hate to do this, but I have to admit at the same time that the whole world still perceive USA as the powerful country and tend to measure success and modernity of a country based on USA's Standard (Westernization, right? Did I say the term right? ). Yeah, I couldn't blame it, because they won the war back then. So, just like ABBA Song, "The winner takes it all... the loser's standing small."

credit : | Something is going to happen soon, and won't be good. Trust me :)

The minute they said that Trump win the elections, my timeline strike back with political thoughts about having Trump as USA President. I was like... Really? He Win? How the hell America? How could you guys let him win?

I remember something, THEY WANT WAR! Ever since Lady Diana had that 'incident' in Frace, I always know that they will do anything to hold on to their power. Yes, you know what I'm talking about, right? Let me give you a clue, it's the Dodi Al Fayed thing...

(Have you ever read the Gone Girl? It's all about the payback, sadly turned out to be love and another thing bigger than love. She was the icon of a good things in society, and something that perceived to be a good things, shouldn't look 'ugly' in front of the mass).

Ehm, just like Ivana Trump said in The First Wives Club, " Don't get mad, GET EVERYTHING!"

We know that the world won't be at peace. To be powerful, or perceived powerful, you need to win something... like a war. Too bad, Trump doesn't realize that he is just  another card to be played in these massive plan since ancient story.

White power is there already, and there are so many 'chink bullying' put in spotlights and became the media's agenda. I hate to see my favorite Manolo Gonzalez- Ripoll Vergara upset about things and Chrissy Teigen's tweet to Trump was like....."HA..BURN!"

But I don't want to be bias on things. Like Hillary said, Trump has his positive traits as well. I don't know how many, but we'll going to find out soon when he actually works at the Oval.

This is what I call madness. People love to read conspiracy theory about stuff. And thing doesn't necessary have to be proven with actual evidence and logic. Sometimes, creative thinking is more than enough.

This kind of things actually really dangerous field to be in. Because in my opinion, someone out there is trying to shaped our way of thinking toward things that somehow uncertain and not even present the real truth. I call it the false belief. One of the reason why someone could have false belief is that he/she might doesn't like the idea of things and tries to validate herself/himself and make justification of liking or not liking the things in the end.

In the end of the day, we need all those inventors and the conspiracy makers to keep us entertained while we are scrolling our timeline before sleeping.

Yoan Helen Apriliyani Letsoin

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Hey, You’re Viral Part 2 : The Game of Throne

December 04, 2016

credit: Jean-Marc Vallée

Warning :
This article is only my opinion about some stuff going on in our lives, so I’m open to suggestions and Please CMIIW!

“Who has the throne will better prepare for its weight. So much responsibilities lay on it, for some cases, not only the responsibility, but accountability for another man kind. Wisdom is necessary and you better pray for it and have one when you’re reigning!” –Yoan Letsoin (Feels good having my own quotes :P Did I just quote myself? :D)

Pluralism stuff that so mess up that could be the reason for World War III. Usually it’s about being killed by the one who perceived that has it all together with the funding and weapon and maintain its reputation as the undefeatable majority.

Do you have friend? What about best friend? Are you married? Are you happily married with your spouse?
We build the relationship we have with other because of the similarity we share. Married couple and business partner share their best interest together, and complete one to another to achieve the same goals. Instead of differences, we might get closer because of the similarities.

Because feeling similar make us feel closer and related and ‘not feel alone’. We are human, we wanted to be understood and we want to have people around us and support us. And part of our brain is kind of messed up when we are faced with differences, any kind of differences.

Angel & Demon Theory
Let’s make an extreme example about how some of us scared of the unknown. Are you afraid of ghost and alien if you meet one? If you say so, why you are afraid? If you’re non believer about the life after death, just pretend that you believe in another life after death for this example in order for the example makes sense.

Now imagine you’re older, you’re 81 year old and you’re sick on your death bed surrounding by your family and your loved one. It’s the time you have to die, you know it and you’re thankful that you have a really good life. Because of knowing that you live your life to the fullest and always kind to one and another, you’re certain that you’ll go to better place, whether reincarnated as another human with good karma, reincarnated as god and goddess in the 7th Sky or just invited to heaven.  And then for the next couple of minutes, you die. 

Scenario 1 :
In another dimension, you’re now just a soul and you see your own dead body and hear your grand children cries. And then you also see your eldest son is just stand there trying to keep it all together, trying to be strong for the whole family, while your middle daughter is telling your dead body that she’s sorry and how much she loved you. 

You’re alone now. Nobody could see you. Except there’s two entities there in the corner of the room, smiling at you. Both of them look younger than you now. There were your mother who died of the same cancer you had in her 39th, and your older sister who killed because of plane crash 46 years ago. You still remember them clearly in your mind and almost your entire life you wished to see them again because you missed them.
You COME to them and TAKE their hand and HUG them and walk into the light of eternity.

Scenario 2 :
Now think of yourself as some home wreckers, and you did a lot of bad things when you lived. You’re now a lonely soul. Nobody came for your funeral, except your only daughter. She wasn’t even bothered to cry because you’re never even there for her when you’re alive. 

You hear the storm and thunder, it begins to rain. And from far you see the beast with some absurd jaw line, bald, it’s like an animal with red skin and sharp teeth. He come for your soul and tries to catch you. You’re RUNNING AWAY from the beast. But it’s useless he’s now in front of your soul and nobody hears you scream. 

Get the picture?
We’re into something or someone that related to us, similar to us. If it’s different, and not similar or for some cases, perceived ugly, we’ll feel scared or intimidated at some point. And it’s natural if we’re trying to run away or attack something or someone if we’re scared and feel intimidated. 

These scenarios are the extreme example about how we behave at some point and moments in our lives when we’re faced with diversity. I can come up with Alien Theory to explain, or Grade A student Vs The Genius one, but only if you asked. 

These days, sometimes I against myself to log in my Facebook account and see the timeline. It’s all campaign there, some of them black campaign. Welcome to Indonesia! This is the place when  some of the majority pretend to love our diversities for the sake of saving nation’s image about embrace the pluralism to the other nations outside our border.

We have this “Bhinekka Tunggal Ika”, and it’s the best thing that ever happened to us because it brings us together as a country. But after we send home those people from Netherlands and Japan, it’s just become some false quotes in our ideology to maintain. Because if we lose it, some of the region will declare themselves as new country and some of the regions will be devastated because that region who might declare themselves as independent country is the biggest money maker in this country now. And can you imagine the tyranny that will affect some of another region because some of them are the (excuse me) asshole that want to have the power by themselves while torturing another man kind.

Instead having great achievements, make some progress in technology and welcoming the new world and save them, we’re going to set back the world (in my case, my dearest country, Indonesia) to the same exact thing that happened 353 years ago. Which is not the place that I want to be in and neither should you. 

Who has the throne will better prepare for its weight. So much responsibilities lay on it, for some cases, not only the responsibility, but accountability for another man kind. Wisdom is necessary and you better pray for it and have one when you’re reigning!

Hear me out, this world is a mess and so complicated. There so much of this world that we haven’t understand yet and many of them will remain the greatest mystery and will take really really really long time for us to seek for the answer. So, if there’s anything, by anything I mean ANYTHING right now that we can learn and to be more enlighten, why don’t we all learn all about them and be more enlighten?

We do know that some of us have different races, and grow up in certain location with different culture, but we know that WE ARE ALL THE HOMO SAPIENS. We’re the same species. That is something we have in common. You can be anything, rich, poor, gay, lesbian, anything you want to label yourself into. But please remember, first, you’re human.

Even if you try to make your marriage works, you’ll stay for better and worst right. Because you’re more into forgive than leave. And it’s good to be with your loved one for everything she/he’s done right than leave for one thing that he/she’s done wrong. (Idk, this paragraph doesn’t really help me to proof my point, but you get it, right?)

Who doesn’t want a power? Power is great! Look at those Avengers in sky try to beat up the bad guys! The answer is some of the people prefer to live in peace rather than having power but never truly feel the peace inside. But hey, some of us should be leader and guide us to the same purpose we have! YES SURE, the thing is we need the one with the good intention, and the one who will also fight for humanity.

Because the moment we stop fighting for each other, it is the moment that we stop being a human. ( 2012 Movie told me that!!!)

I want to have leader with flaws, and not just tolerate the diversity but also embrace them. If you do believe in God, Allah, Universe, Anything powerful that we couldn’t explain yet, remember that The One that you believe in, creates the entire universe with the whole diversity for some reason. If He/ God/ Allah/ The Universe wants it to be the same, why don’t make the world with the same cloning with same DNA, same hair cut, same everything, right?

Well, the problem with that cloning world would be, HOW WE DIFFERENT EACH OTHER? Well, we’re all the same, but I think I will name the entire human with code number like some stuff in inventory.

123       : Hey, long time no see 85649!
856498 : You still alive 123!
123       : I might be put down for good tomorrow. At 2 PM in 9357’s office.
856498 : That’s sucks, I put down my dog last month he’s old enough to walk.
123      : Same problem. Last year I got into accident so doctor amputated my leg to keep me alive but you know, in this world everything should be similar.

856498: What happened?
123      : My idealist neighbor found out about my condition after the operation, and decided to call the press and police. I went to the court and spend all my money to defend myself to live for another 7 years, you know  that we’re all have to be put down when we’re 50, when we’re no longer  productive enough for the society but I’m healthy now even without my right leg. I think I deserve that 7 years but my motion is denied.

 856498: So this is your last day on earth? Do you want to celebrate it?
123       : No, my last day would be tomorrow before 2 PM and hecks yes, let’s celebrate it!
856498 : Bartender, we need 12 shoot of fire ball please! You got this round right?
123       : 12 shoots? Yeah, I might need to get drunk tonight instead of sober and cry about things.


You might say, “WTF Yo? That doesn’t even make any sense? “
And I would like to respond with, ”EXACTLY! THANK YOU! When you are permissive with ‘being against diversity’ and agree for rejecting other culture, someday we’re going to make sure everything is the same and similar.”

I don’t want to live in the world when I feel unsafe and neither should you. Remind me of the racist tree and how the social progress was made.

You can read about the racist tree here.

And just admit it, some of you probably are the same as the racist tree.

Okay, in the end of the day I’m still your friend and I love all of you so much. Just because our eldest isn’t welcome enough about this pluralism stuff, we shouldn’t feel the same way or make judgment right away about things that we don’t know yet.

Let’s be friends and understand each other better. We might have a chance to make this world better place for another next generation. Do good, always do good even if people will forget about it tomorrow. Do good anyway and also make yourself forget about it. It will grow, someday, somehow and you might not be a national hero or the one who win the Nobel Prize, but if you do good, you will have happy live because you have those good relationship with others and your family and dearest one will remember you as the one they look up to, and so does your grand children and their grand children… the list goes on until the eternity. 

Yoan Helen Apriliyani Letsoin