Korean Cuisine 101

By Yoan Letsoin - March 01, 2013

Howieee guys??

So, like I promised you on the last post, I'm going to make some post about Korean Cuisine. Well, let me introduce you with simple traditional Korean food. It's like the basic food you should know. 

Well, it's the same like pizza and spaghetti in Italia or Hamburger and french fries or fried chicken in USA or sushi or sashimi from Japan.

In Korea, they have :

The opening dish that they served that day when we're waiting for the main course were,

Well, Ivana and Agnes didn't like chicken liver but I liked it.. I was pretty much ate all of it.^^

Yes, Kimchi is Korean all the time food. You guys should definitely order this, Korean restaurant always served this at their restaurant. Not all of you will love it, but I guarantee that if you like sour and spicy food, you definitely like Kimchi.

Sam Gyup Sal is pork meat so pretty much will taste like bacon with Korean seasoning. It usually served with fresh vegetables. My friend said, Sam Gyup Sal isn't always go with the pork if you want  to make it at home, but in Korean Food dictionary Sam Gyup Sal is pork meat. ^^

Kimbab is my favorite dishes number 2 since Sam Gyup Sal. It's like Sushi in Japanese restaurant but the difference between Kimbab and Sushi is that the meat on them. Kimbab doesn't use raw fish meat, but indeed Sushi does! :D

I love Kimbab ala Korea and Sushi ala Japanese. Hey, there's nothing to argue who the first country invent the dishes pretty similar like Kimbab and Sushi, I mean both of the country come from the same root right? Just deal with it people and like my grams will say, " EAT YOUR FOOD HUN!!" ^^

Me and Agnes 


Location : 

Han Gook Korean Restaurant
Salsa Food City
Boulevard Raya, Gading Serpong

Yoan Letsoin

Because I went to GMB concert at Java Jazz last night, I will write and share some stories about that on my next post.^^ and you guys should definitely try Korean food. It's tasty... I recommend to try Sam Gyup Sal and Kimbab. :D

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