Crisis and Hope for MH370

By Yoan Letsoin - March 27, 2014

"Good morning, this is your blogger, Yoan Letsoin writing. We're going to explore my opinion in any minute, please sit down, relax, maybe have yourself a cup of coffee first and enjoy my writing!"

One of my favorite subject when I'm learning about public relations is CRISIS. I really love to think when my lecturer asks us how to handle crisis in the company and government. She would tell us about her experiences with her team how them handle this and that company. and my face would be like day dreamy girl or just teen in awkward age that crazy about Justin Bieber.

"You are so clever! You are so smart! Can I borrow your brain for second? Really, Can I do that?"

Excuse me, but anybody who can handle crisis so well is definitely capable to have my heart and could easily made me sign up for member in his/her fans club.

Recently, we're having this news in every media. Well, it could be some kind of break of having news about election and Jokowi for president. I wouldn't even talk about Jokowi and all. He was chosen to be the next first guy in Indonesia since he was there in media. The day, he was known as Jokowi in media, he was prepared to be the next president.

Enough said about the election and Jokowi, let's talk about MH370. Yes, That mistery of the missing plane!
Yesterday, I watched it on news, that the plane possibly fell and located in Indian Ocean. So, there was this man on my TV screen said that it's official that the plane fell into Indian Ocean. And my reaction was... How the hell you know that?

Several countries join in the field and search for the location of MH370 but still haven't found anything yet, not even the black box that everyone actually looking for.

IT IS STILL NOT OFFICIAL that the plane is fell into Indian Ocean, and why made that as official statement?

Santa Does Not Exist
People who left behind, family of the passenger need HOPE. You should gave them HOPE, it's all what the family and friends need for awhile. It's my opinion really. Don't need to tell the public how pessimist you guys are when it comes to find the missing plane. you sounds to me like telling kids how Santa doesn't exist. 

In some points, we need to tell them the truth. Yes, It possibly fell and all the passenger didn't survived but tell them at the right time. When you're in high school, would you still care about the existing of Mr. Santa? You would probably care about Justin Bieber or One Direction and not with the obese guy wearing weird red costume and saying ho ho ho...

Seriously, via text messages? What are we, kids?
And why would the company send their condolence by texting to the passenger's family? Seriously? It's like dumping your girlfriend or boyfriend by text messages? Would you want that?

Telling anybody that the person, they care about is gone is the hard job to do. Doctors know that, they might have the experience once a while telling people the bad news, but would they tell the family via text messages? 

When you're telling your girlfriend that you no longer wish to have any kind of romantic relationship with her via text messages or chat application, you would look like immature person, not gentleman, rude and she definitely will be agree immediately to not having you as her boyfriend as well.

We're here living in information era, digital society, people share and capture anything they might like, like me here share my opinion in new media. What would the public see you after this incident? Would you look like a good one or the bad one?

This incident could cause problem within country, especially China and Malaysia. Any kind of communication that the company had and have will be record and this kind of thing would effect the company's reputation and also Malaysia's reputation as a country. 

"There's no pattern to solve crisis, it's not like math, anything possible," my lecturer once said this.

Now we know that text messages and statement without specific facts and evidence are not things that handle MH370 crisis so well. 

Yoan Helen Letsoin

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