Kompas Saba Kampus 2014

By Yoan Letsoin - April 26, 2014

Anything Will Do

"You need to be there on Saturday and ask the deputy editor in chief any questions about upcoming election and the role of Kompas!" Indiwan Seto, one of my lecturer ordered us to subscribe for seminar and workshop that held by Kompas Kampus this Saturday.

"Whuuuaaaaaaaaaattttt? Whyyyy? It's weekend Sir...." The classic respond by everybody in class that Wednesday.

So, here we are, group of 5 girls end up at Campus by 9 AM in the morning, listening Mr. Budiman Tanuredjo presentation about The Precision Journalism (Jurnalisme Presisi).

Well, it was an interesting presentation. He told us more about Kompas "Hitung Cepat" (Quick Count) by Litbang Kompas with +/- 1 % Margin of error. 

Independent and Objective in Kompas Journalism. 

In my first year, all lecturer always told us that they were all proud being part of Kompas. Kompas was this and that nice, nice, good, good, better, better, best.

But when they feed me with those opinions all over again, I became suspicious and was being skeptic. I became like Lily in How I Met Your Mother when she heard all the good things Robin had said. She will question her ," Where's the poop, Robin?

But then I keep listening to Mr. Tanuredjo presentation. He said Kompas has this control beside editorial policy called Kompas' Ombudsman. Ombudsman in Kompas is the GATE KEEPER POSITION of all the news in Kompas daily. 

Mr. Tanuredjo also said that Kompas interviewed the chairman and political party leaders in Indonesia about their vision and mission when they have chance becoming the new leader of Indonesia. It's like covering anybody sides, not just 'the both sides'.

Now, I have this opinion that indeed, Kompas is independent and objective.

After the deputy editor in chief ended his presentation, the committee divide us into classes we already signed up for. I took Marketing Communication class because it's the only class for Public Relations. The speaker is Mr. F.N Terry, GM of Marketing Communication in Kompas Daily.

He didn't wanna bother us with the basic because we knew it from Mr. Calvin Eko's Class in IMC subject, so he moved on to Kompas daily's marcomm activities. 

When we talked about brand activation, he talked more about Indonesia Satu.  Yayy.. I know now, that this workshop, seminar by Kompas Kampus, Saba Kompas 2014 is about promoting Kompas' Indonesia Satu and gain students participation.

I didn't mind participate in Saba Kampus today, they enlightened me a bit. plus, they give me rice box and snacks. I couldn't ask for more.... I love to eat, because I'm Anak Kost. 

Oh my God, I'm so cheap... lol.. :)

Yoan Helen Letsoin

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