Nike and It Moves

By Yoan Letsoin - May 04, 2014

Hey, I wanna play a game,
How about we associate the branded shoes for exercise with sport ? Let's start!

Adidas ? 
Ehm... I'm thinking about soccer right now. beside soccer, I would associate it with my everyday wearing when I go to anywhere during my middle school and high school time paired with my cargo pants (Yeah, I'm into boyish style when I'm teenager... emmo boyish style to be exact).

Reebok ? 
I'm thinking Kobe Bryant. Go Lakers!! So, It should be Basketball!!!

Well, it's Adidas' brother's company right? I heard all the rumor on internet about really messed up cheating stories with his brother's wife. Well, I guess Puma is into soccer and athletic sport, like sprint, Why I'm thinking about the fastest man on earth right now? Yes, yes, I'm thinking about Usain Bolt.

Beside tennis, I would like to associate Converse shoes to my everyday wear to school and university. hahaha... I love Converse, the Classic converse is the best for me :)

What do I think about Nike? I don't know, every time I went to Sports Station, looking for running shoes, Nike is not budget friendly to me. Way to expensive, in my opinion. If I buy Nike, I might have to end up eating Indomie everyday for a month (sorry for mention the brand). 

Broke student like me cannot afford it without my dad's money. And I'm not planning asking my dad for more money this month. I have to learn to be an adult with responsibility (Ohmygerdddd, It's hard being an adult with no money).

I'm thinking Nike is more like Apple. They are more into design. You have to admit that Nike's design for shoes is cooler than others.

We love marathon for the last couple years

Since I cannot associate Nike with any sport, I guess Nike's new target market would go to people who aware of their health, and into health life style. 

People who aware about their health might run every morning, doing cardio and stuff. Marathon is one event that Nike can approach. Can you imagine, it also have those calorie counter (seriously, I don't know how to call it).

About that counter, I have one also, not from Nike shoes, but it's a free application on my phone. It drains my battery, so I have to uninstall it.

Marathon is so popular right now, and most of the marathon event in Indonesia, support by Nike.

How clever ...
Kudos for you Nike!

I hope one day I can afford you. Amen.

Yoan Helen Letsoin

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