Seven Pills Protecting Life

By Yoan Letsoin - September 14, 2014

The death of Oma, my grandma from father's side made me realize that time flies so fast. I went to visit my Nini, my other grandma from mom's side. She's pretty much alive and still doing some rough activities sometimes.

Well, the shocking thing was the other day when I was watching TV in the living room, my mom yelled at her said that my Nini was too much and she needed to stop. I was asking my mom what was happened and figured out that Nini was smoking cigarette in front of the house.

I was like... Nini, you're already old and you have diabetic and now you seriously smoking a cigarette? But I decided to say nothing and understanding that moment in my head.

My relationship with Nini is pretty much the same with Oma. I never really close to my grand parents after I'm all grown up. Nini had me lived close to her when I was 2 years old when mom and dad bought some place for us to live in Java. 

But after the death of my Opa, dad decided to brought us to Merauke and lived with Oma for several times, Maybe when I was like 3 til 4 years old and then we moved to Batam, because my dad works on Singapore that time.

So yeah, I never really speak to Nini but I know she loves me. Last time when I speak to mom, mom said that whenever I told her that I was having flu or had sick for several days in GS alone, my Nini would cry if she hear it. She worries that I could not eat by myself, eat a medicine or else.

Nini always let me do anything as I please. She even made me the best lotek I ever ate in my entire live. I miss her already.

I wonder how Nini feels sometimes. Every afternoon till evening she would go blank sitting in her chair and perhaps her eyes enjoying the view but her mind wandering around her past. I once disturbed her and asked her what she'd been doing. She said that she was waiting, waiting for her time.

Well, let me start over. She's waiting for her time to come. WHAT WAS THAT? She wants to die? Leaving mom? Leaving me? 

But it doesn't always mean like that. She's old and grey now, she simply has no fear toward death anymore. Just like my Oma, Nini also enter her chapter in life when she's no longer afraid of death.  People she once loved already on the other line of life. She missed everybody from the past, especially her 4th husband. 

Now, she's struggling with her diabetic. I saw her take several pills in many colors. I counted them. It was seven pills protecting her life. Seven pills that help her fight for live and maybe those seven pills that would make me the happiest person when she finally see me in my toga on my graduation day.

I owe that seven pills for my Nini's health.

This is one of my fave song, you should just listen or laugh at the dancers on the back, Hilarious!


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