This Constant Obsession : French Effortless Look

By Yoan Letsoin - September 27, 2015

I recently delete my post on instagram about 20 facts about me. So, If you found it missing it's because I deleted it. Why? Because that post was freaking long and annoying actually and I was like embarrassing myself with all 20 facts. Even for some facts there, I'm sure I am awesome sometimes. 

I remember wrote on that post, that I have an obsession with unexplained murder cases, and I think I have an OCD. Seriously, that's not official diagnose by doctor, but I think I might have one. Seriously, I'm weird.

Okay, about obsession. If you know me for a long time, I always falling in love with French. The language, all the romance, film, songs. Yeah, I watch French movie, so what? Wanna accused me watching that as porn? Grow up boys... It's romantic. 

My favorite French movie is Cafe de Flore. You should wacth it! I definitely recommend it. Good stuff, good stuff. The story line was just... unpredictable. Deepest meaning. I found it very rare in any blockbuster movie or in home box office movies. The director is the same person who did 'The Young Victoria', Jean Marc Valle I guess. Another movie who happen to be my favorite movie also.

This obsession with all the french thingy went to far. I always amaze looking at French models and singers' hair. They have this beautiful hairs. Seriously, it's not like girls from US TV serials that I love to watch. They have this really awesome hairs. Just so natural, look natural, and I loveeeeee  them.

So, I Google "French girl shampoo", "French Girls hair" and read the article when the writer interview models in Paris about their habit with the hair. Those girls said that THEY NEVER BRUSH THEIR HAIR and LOVE IT THAT WAY. Because they have this curly and wavy hair, so when they brush them, their hair would look like big giant triangle.

They (The models) don't even have a comb. It's like asking the tomboy girl if she carry make up on their bags. They never need it. Like one of them saying,"What would I buy comb? It's like I need one."

Source : Romantique & Rebel

But sometimes they use comb only in the shower, when they wash their hair. Some of them against using shampoo. there are so many chemical stuff in shampoo and they just afraid using shampoo. Some of them went to extreme by washing their hair with apple vinegar and honey, if I'm not wrong.

They also using dry shampoo and only washing hair with deep conditioner and then that's it!

The silly thing right now is me. I'm now certain to live into some kind of lifestyle like those models. I stop brushing my hair with combs. It's been 3 weeks. Almost a month. I think I'm doing just fine.

The girl who obsess with effortless look,


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