It's okay, good for them but it's not for me. I just don't want that.

By Yoan Letsoin - October 26, 2014

Lah, lu tau banget kan ya gw suka banget paduan suara, apalagi paduan suara Sopran anak-anak. Tapi suara sopran anak cowok lebih bagus. (Ps. Iya, suara anak2 cowo yang belum puber itu disebut sopran, bukan tenor... ga usah protes).

Aku Termenung Di Bawah Mentari
Di Antara Megahnya Alam Ini
Menikmati Indahnya Kasih-Mu
Kurasakan Damainya Hatiku

Sabda-Mu Bagai Air Yang Mengalir
Basahi Panas Terik Di Hatiku
Menerangi Semua Jalanku
Kurasakan Tenteramnya Hatiku

Jangan Biarkan Damai Ini Pergi
Jangan Biarkan Semuanya Berlalu
Hanya Pada-Mu Tuhan
Tempatku Berteduh
Dari Semua Kepalsuan Dunia

Bila Ku Jauh Dari Diri-Mu
Akan Kutempuh Semua Perjalanan
Agar Selalu Ada Dekat-Mu
Biar Kurasakan Lembutnya Kasih-Mu

The whole weeks people was so busy talking about Jokowi and his cabinet also Rafi and Nagita's big wedding. Congratulation for both of them! Jokowi and the newly weeds. Some of my friend who tired of the political news turned on the TV, watching the big wedding of R and N. And the rest of "Always super serious friends"of mine, was there talking about how R and N 's wedding was steal all the public's attention for the political issue. 

Somehow, I do agree with them. I mean, I'm glad you've found each other. You might have a chance to have successful married life and become a super happy spouse to each other, but the thing is, I just didn't like the way media and the company came together and made your wedding as something that I have to know about. It's annoying. Really. Your wedding wasn't even my personal agenda!

This is the form of how medias and the companies who pay them try to feed the viewers with consumerism values. 

I'm NOT saying that if you have money, you should just put them on charity instead having a really big fat famous wedding party. No,no, no! It's your money, do whatever you please with them. I don't have the right to tell you what to do.

I know that R and N's wedding was full of product placements and they need to endorse those brand here and there. But yeah, I mean if you want to have your big fat famous wedding, in my personal opinion, you need to make it privately.

I don't care how much money that they've thrown to made R and N's wedding and receptions, but when they put it on the national television like that, everybody could watch it, especially the young kids and teenagers.

I'm worry about kids these days. They're into the glitter and fancy life and becoming the victim of consumerism. Look at the insecurities they have on their facebook, twitter, or another social media's update. Come on! They're all feel insecure about how they look, what brand they wear, what brand they use, where they go... 

(Yes, I blame you media! For making me feel insecure about how do I look without my hair done every morning. But guess what? I'm done getting my hair done... Now, I'm walk around proud with my bare face and non brushing hair and yeahh.. I do feel pretty about it. So screw you!)

There's no filter. Parents are becoming more busy with works and the orientation to make more money, so yeah, parents nowadays never really pay attention on what their kids have been watching all day.

Maybe that's why one of the reason I think, raising another human being is not my option (right now). I cannot possibly be a mother (right now). Everything I did, I do, and will do would affect my child. I'm still doing the bad stuff sometimes, so yeah... 

My friend P always made an update for me about the wedding. I was there thinking, I don't wanna have that big fat famous wedding with all those guest. If someday I would ever get married to someone, I want it simple. Me, him, Church and maybe only 50 guests including family and best friends.

After all, it's not about the wedding. It's about the marriage's life after that for the rest of your life.

Yoan Letsoin

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