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By Yoan Letsoin - April 28, 2015

Hello, it's been so long. I haven't had a chance to write because of my new activity. Yes, I'm working as an intern in Nagoya Mansion Hotel & Residence. Honestly, I never knew that working in a hotel would be this great, and fun. Yes, I have a lots to do, lots to learn but seriously, I'm having fun. It's like I want to keep working non stop, like 24 hours isn't enough.

But yes also, sometimes when there's nothing to do, I would just ask Misel, new girl in PR division if she needs a helping hand. I'm like ready all the time. Well, the management is new. My general manager was from Grand Zuri Padang. He's kinda nice. At least he nice to me and expect me to do things around more like hosting an event, create more publications and more.

HOD, Back Office and Supervisor with PR team after Belalang Indoor Team Building
Mida Chen and Sartika Denissa in Car Free Day Event Survey

Our beloved General Manager, Pak Susiadi Soepardi took our picture

They celebrate my birthday on April 14th
Denisa Sartika (mishel), Me and Mr. Vandie tried Belalang Outbound's facility (Flying fox)

Mr. Razak with his FO team

Housekeeping member (Mr. Valdy and friends)

Teaser for Video Profile scene

Teaser for video profile scene

Aglio Olio by Chef Deddi

Guest are trying out the buffet for dinner

Miss Septia (yaya) and Mr. Amirrudin (F&B Manager) and Mr. Hary (Engineering Manager)

Happiness (Mr. Razak and Miss. Febrianti Wulandari ) with Muiz, Bayu and Amar

Super Manager... Our beloved Mr. Susetyo (Accounting Manager)

Mr Andre (on the back) and Mr. Patra

Heggy (Newlyweeds, accounting staff, 25 yo)
Mr. Andy (Super awesome sarcastic partner at office, he sells everything)

Happiness (Accounting full team)

F&B member at STAR Gathering

Mr Baktivillo Sianipar (Papi) and Mr. Agus

Kartini Day

Happiness (Strawberry full team) - Lisa, Denisa, Mr. Amir, Mr. Heggy, Chef Tarno, Chef Kadir, Mr Amin

F&B, GM, and HOD

My favorite day at La Bamba.

Mr. Turhadi. Super cool person and I swear he's funny!
My supervisor, Mr. Budi. Great guy... Anybody single? You should ask him out!^^ Seriously!

Working with Mida, the Executive PR is also fun. She's indonesian but lived in Singapore since she was (maybe) 5 years old, so sometimes she doesn't understand Bahasa at all. Just few days ago I opened my email, and there's bunch of emails from work. One of the email was from her. She asked me to translate an email in English to bahasa, because she wanted to say thank you for everyone that in charged.

Over all the people are nice. Maybe one or two people isn't really friendly because they kinda work at office, so I haven't have a chance to know them. Well, I don't want to judge people. I don't have rights to and yes, I don't need to. I probably just let it go. But most of them is friendly. Even the accounting department. They're bunch of great people. Pak Hegie (Egi), Pak Agus, Pak Tur, Pak Vandie and Pak Tyo. They brought us breakfast every morning.

And then Papi. He's actually our HR Manager. He always ask us to pray every morning and always have something fun to say. Just like Willy, Dewi and Shintong, from FO.

One of the convo:

Willy : Aduh aku mesti banget pulang nih.
Gue   : Lu balik rumah ortu?
Willy : Iya nih, tapi mau surprise gitu.

And then we stop talking.... because I was busy updating Nusantara Package lunch and he was busy with the reservation stuff. But suddenly...

Willy : OMG?!
Gue & Misel : Kenapa Will? Kenapa? Ada yang salah...?
Willy : Aku baru ingat.... Aku udah tunangan!
Gue & Misel : *Ngakak*

So, this guy is the typical guy I knew since I was in high school. He prefer things that society don't like, but in the same time he wanted to live and be accepted by the society.

After we laugh for God knows how long, then we have some serious matters to talk. It's like he's not fair to the girl he would be marry someday. Just because you wanted to make your parents happy and well, content... you just make the other one miserable.

Ah what do I know? I'm thinking of I'm happy right now at work. I couldn't ask for more.

Yoan Letsoin

Mida, Yuni, Denisa, Yoan, Oyie, Rini

Yoan Helen Apriliyani Letsoin

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