Story About The Girl Who Always Left

By Yoan Letsoin - January 02, 2016


“Will you come back after all these things?” The guy with the same red polo sweater asked the girl that day.

“Will it still be the same after all?” The girl just stood there thinking of any possibility that might happen in future.

“I don’t know, I guess not,” He said few words after the seconds of awkward silence.

“I don’t think so. I’m sorry,” She left him after the last hug and kiss on both cheeks.


“So, what do you think?” The tall guy asked the girl beside him. She was eating her meal and give him the signal to wait for her to swallow the food before answering his question.

“About what?” She finally responded.

“Yesterday… We sorta kinda have our way to serious relationship,” He said with the fancy smile and goofy face expression.

“Hahaha, Don’t go in there dude, just don’t,” She laughed few times and then grab drinks together before heading each other’s places.


The same girl finally had a little courage to try to have the relationship with another nice serious guy. It was just maybe bad timing and another issue on that. He wasn’t actually all that nice. He had his own fucked up issue too. She did understand without him having to said it out loud. So, she left without ask him to explain shit.

She is wiser than her age. She knew that they won’t belong together since the very moment they got together. She just wished that she was not the one that left first. Too tired to be the first one that always left feeling guilty.

Beside his insecurity of having to decide his future, he did notice that she was fucked up too. Both of fragile people shouldn’t find ways together. At least until they fix themselves first.


“Hey you, I know you!” With the bright smile he came and lights up the mood in the room.

“Hey, I’ve missed you my whole live!” She was there with all their friends.

They did notice something beyond the usual things, like the gestures, the style, the attitude, his hope and her dreams.

It was the friendship that saved her from the pain. It was another daydreaming or cooking day that jazz up her mood. It was the funny kind of bullying that made her survive.

It was all the things in life she needed right now.

Laughs on a sunny day and made a plan about the road trip that would be hard to be done in future, because… yes, everyone is busy these days.

While the real life isn't not going to be as sweet as her thoughtful mind, but she manages to have the illusion of them together one day with the same thing all over again.

He came again once they left and asked the girl something.

“Are you giving up now?” He helped her to walk on the wet staircase outside. It might be dangerous to walk only in heels.

“No, I am not,” Little did she know that this is her metamorphosis.

He said she was an angel, an angel from hell.
She took it as a compliment and they laughed all the way home.


You guys must be knew her as your friend, your best friend, your x, your daughter or your family member. It was the situation she experienced. She's incapable of hurting anyone, any kind of good person in future. She's scared she might hurt you and make more scar for you to live the rest of your life.

She once loved you. Trust me, she will always do. But with different portion and priority. After all it was always a naive and innocent kind of love. It won't turn to something bad as hurting or hateful feeling.

It was like this perfect song :

When I was younger I saw my daddy cry
And curse at the wind.
He broke his own heart and I watched
As he tried to reassemble it.

And my momma swore
That she would never let herself forget.
And that was the day that I promised
I'd never sing of love if it does not exist.

If you  loved her that day. Just wish her to find her 'only exception'. Because little did you know, she always prays for you to have the same.

After all, we're all just another stardust... beautiful one.

Yoan Helen Apriliyani Letsoin

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