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By Yoan Letsoin - March 08, 2016

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One of Paul Watzlawick’s axioms when I study about communication is ‘You Cannot Not Communicate’, and for the love of God, we communicate with people in every second of our lives. In this digital era when information is widely spread through social media platform, please help yourself to understand that you cannot shut them up. They will always find a way to give information or to keep informed. Even in the war when social media is shutdown in some country, people who want to fight till the end will find a way to pass the information. Don’t you think?

The Story about Student, Books and Instant Frugal Lifestyle

Hey my friends, remember how we don’t want to buy the original version of Joseph A DeVito’s Essentials of Human Communication for class because we rather spend some money for movie tickets, concert or our internet quota? 

The valuable information is expensive or WAS expensive. Remember how every time our lecturer pissed off in front of class and talked about it’s really important for us to own the book? So we could learn the directly from the master.

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Please aside the copyright things in this case, but do you remember what did we do? Instead of carrying the book, physically, we just download the new version of the book and save them in PDF format. Well, if you buy the original version, will cost you like USD $100, if you buy the photocopy version in Pasar Senen or Kwitang, will cost you like IDR 80,000.00 (after bargain with the seller), and when you visit some website, you’ll be happy and download it for FREE.

I don’t want to justify my action, what I did is kind of wrong toward the author, because I don’t own the book by buy them and give him the book’s royalty, but you got to be smart these days to get what you want with the low resources. 

Just one more thing, we need the code of ethic of doing so. Just NEVER EVER SELL or being completely jerks and commercialize things you could get from ‘cheating’. 

The point in this story is when there’s a will to find the book or information, you’ll get the book or information in the end and oh, one more thing, we just love to spend so little so we could spend more for other things that we couldn’t have a free access. 

People (Will Always) Talks
Whether it’s your relationship status, the long queue situation at your local fresh market, your friend’s  baby shower, the brand new movie premier this weekend, new menu you order at the famous restaurant when you’re on the date, people are more likely to share their own thoughts. Just like what I’m doing now, writing my thoughts about things. People will talk, and will do review about things. You cannot shut them up because it’s their rights and because of freedom of speech. 

One thing that might be different is what kind of media they will use to share the information. Well, to share about precious moment, collection, portfolio or branding people might use instagram. For daily activities, more personal information to share, might want to use Path. If we want to share about our professional live for branding, we use LinkedIn. And there’s so many social media now to support our needs to share our opinion and live. Which one do you prefer?

All the social media have the same function, to share. But what will make them survive in the business is what the differences that they could offer the user. Like WhatsApps, BBM, Line or Kakao Talk, like Periscope and Snapchat, like Path and Facebook, etc.

To survive the business they will and must adapt to the needs of their user as their market.
Remember how Path adapt with Indonesian market by add more our friend quota? 

Over Exposure
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You have to realize that we live in information society, new media era and we’re lucky enough that we could access them for Free or low cost. But the thing is, without the right mind to keep filtering the information, we will be too easy to be controlled by them who own the power and use the mass communication to change people’s opinion and attitude into action. 

Now look at yourself, you own your mobile phone, your tablet, your laptop, your television. On your mobile, tablet and laptop, you could log in to your social media application or search the same news in some news portal.

You read the same issue on your Line timeline, your Path timeline, your Twitter timeline searching for the same hastag, you open the news channel on your television, they discus about the same issue over again. You stop at the traffic light, they still bring the issue as the today’s headline.

Tired of hearing the same thing all over again through all the media and devices you have. You just got over exposure, and it’s bad for your mind.

When it happened, please book your ticket to some nice place with your gadgets, find the perfect date, book place for stay, log off your social media and all the media you have, switch off your data package (internet quota), and enjoy your short gateway!

The one who need short gateway, like right now (please), 

Yoan Helen Letsoin

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