Kicking & Screaming : Collaborative Consumption

By Yoan Letsoin - March 29, 2016

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This will happen sooner or later and we’re all knew it, even the professor from the past knew that.
Any kind of changing (for better or for worst) will lead us to potential crisis if the process is not done properly. And for us, we always need to adapt to survive. Don’t you think Darwin has it figure it out for us since we learn about Biology subject at Elementary school? 

Social to Capital to Social (Sharing to Owning to Sharing)
Everything is expensive with the term ‘OWNING’, while if you share, you’ll just have to pay for less. This reminds me of how I love to spend my money to rental some comics or novels in some library beside my school. If I have to OWN every single series of Detective Conan’s comic book, I think I might be crazy, and parents will yell at me because I use all my pocket money for ‘the useless things’. And by the way, the series still ongoing and for the love of Sinichi Kudo, I’ll read it online now.

Well, for your information, I also love to bring my comic books and novel during primary school’s class meeting and charged my friend for only IDR 1,000 if they wanted to rent it for a day. 

I understand how everything is so expensive these days because the investor already spend too much, big amount of money for start-up business. And somehow they’re not patience to reach the breakeven point until finally make some profit. Well, you can’t blame them, it’s up to them to use their money and make profit. They used the system they knew and it’s not the wrong system. It’s just the old fashioned system. 

We’re back to the beginning. When we share everything, we could save more money for everything else. This system of sharing economy will help us to fight and created the secondary market for the same market segmentation. 

After all, niche market is needed to sell the same old products.

Kicking And Screaming
All the party involved might have to pass the kicking and screaming part of their lives and move on to adapt the new system. Come on, even the pure capitalist right now figure it out how to play well with this system. 

If you already own media, own social media, and all the thing in this world, right now,  you only need to open business incubator for start-up business who adopt the sharing economy system or collaborative consumption. Seriously, I mean why don’t you find the right partner, hijack the key person to work with you as a partner and build the system so you could also play well.

Will be hard for zero to hero, but remember, people will always find a way to make things happen. Remember we already invented crowd funding to invest the potential start-up business.

Play well. My university own the business incubator called SKY STAR, and basically we’re all under the same group player in Indonesia.  

New Technology and Old Mindset 
Have you ever said to your parents that they just don’t get you or sometimes your daughter yells at you,” Dad, you just don’t understand how things work these days!”

It’s not like our parent aren’t wise or so on. Lots of things change and only a few still remain the same. 

If the system change, it’s kinda hard to stick with the old mindset. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but to make things easier, why just play along? Well, you put a lot of money on it, why don’t you consider to learn how to win the game and play along. 

Will be hard for your people, young people with the old mindset. Why? Because while you did success with it 20 years ago, remember right now even kids in primary school already in the relationship on social media.

Do we want to risk using new technologies with an old mindset?
Social media was built for peers to connect and communicate with each other. It can handle broadcast, but it’s not using the technology to its best potential. And sometimes it’s not that the staff are old-fashioned or traditional. Sometimes forces within the organizations they work for make them try to fit old ideas into new possibilities.

What are some of the challenges that keep businesses from adopting a new mindset?

So, in the end, you don’t really need to kicking and screaming because you just lost another passenger because of Uber, Grab Taxi, Grab Bike, Airbnb, and GoJek… Play it well buddy, play it well.

Yoan Helen Letsoin

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