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By Yoan Letsoin - April 30, 2016

Welcome to the adulthood! Be smart with your paperwork or you will be doomed!

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After graduate from my university, I just want to enjoy my life. Start to figure out my career path, find few good ideas about business and maybe have fun with it. But when you're reach your early 20, parent will demand you to become more wise and just be responsible about your life, your precious life.

Just like everybody else, I got stumble and fall from the previous job. However, my parent, friends, best friends still think and believe that I could turn this around to become something wonderful. I can and I will, for sure.

This April might be like one of the worst, because I gave up and resigned from the previous job that I just loved to learn and then I got into this traffic accident and got hospitalized the day after my birthday, which also my last day. I don't know what the universe was trying to warn me about. But hey, after the accident, I could recall who's my friends, and who's not get into the picture.

Also, I thank God, I always find the pure form of friendship wherever I go, and I have one of the best step mother in the whole world. Yes, all these event lead me only to the greater good in life. Gratitude.

Well, get back to these paperwork thing. I realize there are so many things to do and to have in this life. I mean you have to be a good citizen. I don't know about you but I'm planning to be one. So, I did proud of myself because I don't use brookers or panders to make things easy for me. Learn it the hard way! #SokKuat

What does make me one of the good citizen? (Seriously, I'm bragging about myself now, so childish)

  • I've handle my taxes and make my NPWP ID Card. Soon I've to report it to another Tax office in Jakarta because I'll move soon. YAY! :) #GodSpeed
Not gonna lie, but I almost got pissed off when I came to the Tax Office and made my own. Actually the process was pretty simple but the waiting list... just oh no. I've spend the whole day. I'd recommend to come early before lunch time.
  • I've handle my property taxes (Pajak Bumi Bangunan). Went to Riau Bank and have to wait for 85 people before me. 
I think I was on the good mood that day so I didn't really care about the whole waiting situation.
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  • I always wear my helm, bring my driving license and documents needed, wear safety belt, and all the things needed.
  • I renew my expired passport by myself via online.
  • I renew my expired driving license by myself with going to the Police Station.
These short list make me proud of myself because even my dad don't want to handle all these government things by his own, he always have 'his buddy' to make things easier for him. Kudos for me, right?

Okay, although I did make few things by my own, I still don't really know how to work with JHT (Jaminan Hari Tua), BPJS Kesehatan, BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, In Health. I do have all of them, but I want to renew all of them and maybe get to know all of these product because I  don't really know about how things work with them. Like what's the deal of having you in my life?

I'm planning to subscribe for my own insurance for financial security and maybe learn more about financial terms to build my own business in future. I always fond of the idea of Bed & Breakfast, Bakery Shop, Crafting Shop, Event Organizer and so many things...

One step at a time... One step at a time... One step at a time.

One step closer,

Yoan Helen Letsoin

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