Thank You Edition

By Yoan Letsoin - July 30, 2016

The most terrifying things for me are :

1. Don't live my life to the fullest.
2. Become a money oriented person
3. Missed the big event of my family and friends.

I want to live my life in certain way. I almost died once, and to think about it again, I was lucky to have this second chance.

I always wanted to do good, be kind like always. Shortly, I don't target myself to be the most likely to be number one, or be something bigger. I just want to live to serve. I think that it's my calling.

Probably I should be nun right? Hahaha...

Well, in the end I know that I shouldn't still live in this world, but He gave me this second chance to live my life in certain ways.

I've met random nice stanger that turned out to be friends and best friends in only short amount of time. I guess I understand them and their problems, because I've experience worst.

My previous GM, and my CEO are some of people that inspire me about hard work. My mom is the one taught me about unconditionally love, like how much we should not react to negativity and choose to love instead. Despite all the odds, always be kind.

Because in the end, if my life has to be ended one more time, I will be happy because I've good relationship with others. And I would live without regrets.

For the stronger mom on earth,

I love you mom.
Sorry, if I still nag sometimes about things and you would still listen and give me like the simple advise which I already know.

Yoan, probably one of your amazing daughter.

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