The Day You Got Married, Finally!

By Yoan Letsoin - August 27, 2016

Perarakan (The group of family walk together with the bride to the mosque)
So, few weeks ago, I booked a flight to Padang to attend one of my best college wedding. I’ve never attend a wedding before because I don’t really have friend who wanted to get married in such a young age. Well, I do have those kinds of friends, despite their willingness to get married right away after graduate from university, they just haven’t found the right guy yet. Yes, I’m talking about both of you guys,  Ivana and Nuranti!

I’ve known this guy, Abud since I was a trainee in one of four stars hotel in Batam. He was working there as a Assistant IT Manager. I was placed to Sales & Marketing Division along with the Public Relations Team (Hey, Mida and Mishel!). The hotel still use our video profile for the publicity, I’m so proud of it until now. Well, it’s because it so rarely to find video profile for hotel in Batam, most of them just use slides for presentation with instrumental music on the background. Boring, right?

Waiting in the corner : The groom's waiting in the corner with the deep thoughts

So, we just like become teammates and share our stories. That’s why I always enjoy after work dinner with Mishel, Lisha and Abud in Ayam Cabe Ijo near the hotel. We talked about everything, family, work and of course relationship thing-y.
The bride's smile before the Ijab Kabul
From boyfriend problem, break-ups, statue of limitation, and yes GETTING MARRIED!
We’re like three curious girls in front of him, asking why he so sure about tying the knot with this girl?
How will he plan the wedding? What are the things that should be prepared for wedding and marriage life in the begging? The Minang’s culture? The family’s acceptance? The religious’ value? Basically everything.

The bride ask for Mother's blessing
Emotinal moment for both the mother and the bride
He seemed so sure but I knew at some point that he also had those mental breakdown one day when he asked his other co-worker, his married man co-workers about marriage life. All of them agreed that marriage make them better man than they’re used to be. It’s not easy, but it’s better. 

And I remember when he asked our opinions about what actually in his girlfriend’s head when they argued about how the wedding should be planned. 

The eyes of proud and loving mother
The groom asked for mother's blessing

Personally I would say that wedding day is not that important, the important part is the marriage life. I think most of the people will agree with me. But we (girls) already plan our wedding  ahead since we were kids, so don’t you dare mess with us on how things should be planned! 

Well, If you happen to have me as a bride, don’t worry. I’m into small church, or city hall wedding. So, no biggie. You just have to say your promises  instead of just saying, “I DO!” (And please make it funny, I'm serious person, so I kinda need you to be the funny one).

I recognize that there will be lots of arguments before the wedding day and all you have to do are just communicate with each other rather than tell your problem and seek confirmation from your parent or best friends. And you can also communicate to God or universe through pray or meditation. 

When you tackle that, I believe that both of you could listen to each other through your marriage life and have the opportunity to built those healthy and positive relationship to another great happy ending. 

Do I sound wise for a girl who doesn’t really believe in marriage that much? Oh, maybe I’m starting to believe it. Hahahaha…

We stayed two nights on hotel room near Taplau and really close to the best club in Padang. Soon as I arrived in Minangkabau International airport, I’ve waited for Lisha from Jakarta and Noe from Bukittinggi to picked us and celebrate Abud’s bachelor party.

To be noted, we go to the club, but instead of drinking and ask for our table with the possibility of dancing through the night and got wasted, we decided to celebrate his bachelor party in the club’s café and order our nice dinner. We did tease him about his wedding day and we ended up about 1 or 2 AM in the morning.

The next day, all of us went to the mosque and to attend his Ijab Kabul. He did it three times before they announced that he’s husband to his wife. It was another warm day because their family was there. You could see in their eyes that they just happy that her youngest sister finally tying the knot. It was warm but not too overrated. I don’t know how to describe the moment but it’s definitely warm.
Little family : heartwarming mother's love and Dad's smile.

This was my first time attend Ijab Kabul at mosque,  so I just casually took the pictures without have to act like photographer because if I did that I feel like they will think that I disrespect the whole Ijab Kabul situations. I want to share some of them, even if those picture kind of blurry. :)
Happy moment

Official : Finally, Husband and Wife!

In the end of the day, I would like to thank you for the invitation to your wedding and reception and I hope that you guys will tackle every issue in your household and develop that healthy relationship with all the positive vibes around and remember, love each other as long as you guys live.

Enjoy some of the pictures and see you in the next post!

Yoan Helen Letsoin

The groom was looking at the bride before the Ijab Kabul started

I can't believe this funny man already married
 Here's my few selfie and wefie moment with the girls :

Do I look great wearing veil? Nailed it!
The girls : Noe, Mishel, Me and Lisha

Here's also some of pictures from their first reception in Minang Culture the next day :

Minang traditional wedding dress for the groom and bride

I don't bring my hair product so, going frizzy was the only choice. So, pardon me.


The rest of the group pose

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