Hey, You’re Viral Part 1 : Sex Scandal

By Yoan Letsoin - October 22, 2016

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Warning :
*This article is only my opinion about some stuff going on in our lives, so I’m open to suggestions and Please CMIIW!

**This article is series of Viral (Sex scandal, Game of Throne, The History Maker, Genius vs Madness, and The Thumbs up).

It’s another day and I wake up late like any other day when I’m having insomnia or just kept being busy by internet. Yeah, I blame it on my curiosity and the access of information, any kind of information I could get on my gadgets. Sometime at 2 AM, I’m awake and read everybody’s status that posted online for public.

And there’s always some paid articles, videos with the click bait on it. Sometime I don’t bother, but sometime I DO click it, just because it’s happening, been discussed by my friends occasionally or  I don’t have anything else to read and I’m against myself sleep and seize the opportunity once again to live the fullest. 

Those viral with all the click bait on it goes around several topics:
  1. Sex scandal staring ehm… people on it (well known people, politician, ordinary people, or just people in general). Because we’re REALLY care about each other sex life and how people in general take care business in their bedroom.  We’re really wanted to know what’s happening behind those close doors.
  2. Pluralism stuff that so messed up that could be the reason for World War III. Usually it’s about being killed by the one who perceived that has it all together with the funding and weapon and maintain its reputation as the undefeatable majority.
  3. New invention, weird invention, or any kind of invention that could affect in how we perceive history, find the cure for cancer or opportunity to make an infestation for business and by that I mean POWER and MONEY in your pocket by the end of the day.
  4.  Curious person write about his/her anxiety/ anxieties. From well educated people talk about Newton’s third law, with concepts and proof about the action-reaction or you could just say bunch of crazy lunatic people that discuss about conspiracies in minor or major scale.
  5. Or people in general try to have fun with their lives with amazing story about chasing dreams and make it happen, share inspirational quotes, or just funny dance video and live the day with another laughter.
Part 1 : Sex Scandal

It’s funny, really. About how we care too much about sex scandal in these world. The other day, I logged in to my Facebook account and found my teacher and some friends share stories about couple in China had sex in their apartment, at the window and then fell from the building through the window and there was also shared video about the legitimate wife in China chasing down and ripped down, humiliated his husband’s mistress in public with the help of some friends. 

I mean it’s funny because he was my teacher in high school, my very own teacher, and some friend I know well. Sharing anything on your timeline could change the perception of your friends, family, and acquaintances after all. Ah, you should be careful!

Why we care so much about this topic because it was our morality too that we questions. We care about value we share with friends and family, some of them are good value that pass to us from previous generations and we believe that those things are the right thing to do.

For some conservative party, they might want to maintain it that way. Not talk about intimacy or sex in general publicly because it’s taboo. Like my family, we don’t discus sex in our family or how a girl could get pregnant in first place. It’s just not wise and I might find my mom would be uncomfortable with the discussion itself. It’s awkward to talk about it with family, my family.

I remember when I packed to move to Jakarta and went to university leaving our home to my comfortable dormitory. My dad asked me to sit down and gave me some advises. Well, not exactly advises, it was more like order and warning. 

He talked about not taking pills, not do drugs and definitely put it in the sentence like, “Please, if there is some stranger offer you a drink, don’t drink it, it might have pills on it.”

Oh, the funny thing was when my dad warned me about pregnant out of wedlock. It was so funny, because my dad is so conservative when it comes to his family. He’s too awkward. All he said that day to me was, “ Yoan, don’t ruin your life and if you ruined, just consider that I’m dead to you and you shall never come to this house ever again and when you are ruined, you are no longer my daughter.”

That was what he said. I was like,” Uh, … what? You mean pregnant? Okay, I got it. Don’t worry, really.”

Writing this make me remember some other stuff you know. It remind me about my dad’s warn about dating, “You couldn’t date boys until you’re 25 and have your own income. If I still pay for your tuition, you shall have no boyfriend!”

What can I say, my dad is kind of conservative and if we are American, my family might be vote for Republican Party. Can you imagine me vote for Donald Trump? 

Taboo is UGLY and the conservative people are not the ugly people. But not all people in this world are conservative enough. Some of them maybe enjoy the late phone call with their mistress, and questioning if it’s okay having a divorce when there weren’t any children born in their marriage. 

Get the point? Sex is Taboo. Taboo topic is out there online discussed by billions that questions the morality, their morality or others’.

Little did they know that sometime, the stories they had shared in their timeline is malware. There was never a stories, it was only the titles, the click bait for them to click. I bet they wanted to see the censored graphics for the stories. Well, some people are visual you know. Oh, that’s really disturbing. Now I’m thinking they all are pervert.

How do I know that kind of thing is just some malware? The answer is that I also clicked it and found that in order to read the stories, you should accept the term about the source wanted to access your Facebook page information, your profile. 

Dude, if you just click agree and next, your information is there for another third party to have. Maybe not for NSA, because they already have the thing they have to monitor everyone in this planet with the help of Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. 

In the end of the day, you’ll be perceived as pervert because you wanted to know much about those kind of stories. 

Sometimes It wasn’t malware, it was just PPC. Remember when you accessed the story about Angelina Jolie split with Brad Pitt because of Marion Cotillard and then you get transferred to another website to click to the exact same title to access to the main page with the story?  Thank you, you just help some person out there making some cents per click to access main page with their link source. It was just some business opportunity in this online field. 

Why we care so much about things that is not really related to our lives. It’s just like another false agenda we should care. Don’t you think that media’s agenda & government’s agenda are already gave us enough headache? While what we want are just the gender equality, acceptance for diversity and pluralism, stop the corruption, and investing some of the money for the great good of our nations. Are those too much to ask? Yeah, I guess those things are too much to ask for someone who doesn’t even bother about providing the proper education for kids in the certain location or the clear water for better hygiene.

I have no right to tell anybody what to share or post on their timeline because I love the freedom of speech and really go for it. But piece of advice, some information needed to be filtered before posted on your timeline by your own moral compass. And remember, once it is published to public, it won’t be your secret to keep for yourself any longer. 

To be continue next week

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