By Yoan Letsoin - December 17, 2016

Please Be More Mature 
E : Yo, do you want to have matching polo shirt with me?
Y : I don't know, why don't you ask your boyfriend to have matching polo shirt together?
E : That's the problem, he didn't want to and he asked me to be more of mature person.
Y : How could he be that clueless?
E : Yeah, right? I mean, we can do everything ourselves and I am mature enough and I am responsible and I JUST WANT TO HAVE MATCHING POLO SHIRT!
Y : You need to tell him really. Like maybe say to him like... "Honey, it's just stupid polo shirt, just wear it together and you already could make me the happiest person."
E : I hate having argument with him. Too tired to do that after work.

So, because E really wanted to have matching polo shirt, we just decided to have office matching polo shirt together and asked our squad to join. Thank you Edison, Charles, Jupri, now you made us the happiest girls at office. We should be more mature in future. 

Meet A Girl = Gym Membership 
C : So, I met this girl.
Y : Come again?
C : This is the girl I want to die for and definitely the girl I want to marry.
Y : So rare C, so rare... What's wrong with you?
C : You know, I also signed up for gym membership.
Y : You're fine. But yeah, you'll look good with abs.
C : I drink this milk to build abs.... (Keep going about how exercise is important)
Y : Ehm, you cut your hair too?
C : Yes, I want to look fresh.
Y : Good choice.
C : Do you think she will like me?
Y : Do you think you like yourself?
C : I'm okay, I'm honest and I'm smart.
Y : Yes, she will.
C : And Yo, how to ask her to go out with me? I mean, I asked her out but she said to asked others too.
Y : Well, it means she's not yet comfortable to go out with you alone. You should asked others too but make sure your other friends know that you like her, so they can give you opportunity here and there to get to know her.
C : What should I wear?
Y : Seriously? 

Girls and boys aren't that different when they have this silly thing like falling in love. So, good luck on your first date C!

Mom and Her Phone
M : Kakak, Ini hp mama kenapa ya?
Y : Kenapa gimana?
M : Pulsanya habis mulu, tiap hari ada sms masuk banyak banget. Padahal mama sudah isi pulsa berkali-kali, cepet banget habisnya.

Karena ribet mesti jelasin ada SMS Spam berbayar yang nguras pulsa nyokap, solusi yang gue kasih pun jadinya,

Y : Mama, coba bawa aja handphonenya ke abang-abang jualan pulsa. Minta abangnya bantuin UNREGISTER atau UNREG SMS langganan ya.
M : Bilang gitu ke abangnya?
Y : Iya, bilang gitu aja.
M : Yaudah kak, dadah...
Y : Dadahhh mama, love you!

My Possessive Friends : Lois Edition
L :  Tell everyone where you'll be at.
L : If possible.
Y : Hahahaha
L : Don't forget turn on your GPS! Wkwkwk
Y : Alright Mam!
L : I'm so extra possessive right nowww
Y : Everytime I move to another place, I'll use 'share my location' feature via Line App FOR YOU

My Possessive Friends : Mida Edition
M : Why you never post anything cute on your Path when we go out together and tag me with nice picture ?
Y : I rarely log in to my Path but... seriously Mida? Really?
M : When you go out with Hilda, you will post it online.
Y : Well, okay, I'm going to post something when we go out on my PATH which I am not really play. Satisfied?
M : Yes!
Y : Oh Gosh... Even my x won't ever do that. You are a crazy person Mida, and I'm being serious. :)

My Cupid Friend 
R : How come? 
Y : I'm asking your opinion.
R : I'm not against it, but it will be better NOT TO because all the differences.
Y : But what if I like the person?
R : I can't do nothing about it and wish you well... Ehm, do you want me to introduce you to amazing guy?
Y : Yeah, why not?
R : He haven't meet anyone and do you know who is the person that I'm going to fix you with?
Y : Well, you haven't mention any name... So, I kind of lost. Do this guy is mature and funny and happen to be in the same belief? Oh, Is he good looking ?
R : Yes, kind of funny, Yes and the last one you have to decide yourself.
Y : Okay, who is this guy? G**n? 
R : Is G**n ever there in MATURE CATEGORY?
Y : NOPE. Is it Iv** ?
R : NOPE. I'm not going to fix you up with guys like that.
Y : So?
R : It's actually my big brother!
Y : Reginaaaa.... Why? Ahh.. I know! Is it because you and boyfriend wanted to get married next year and don't want to step over and disregard your brother?
R : I mean, yes... and my boyfriend isn't really comfortable if we have to get married first before him finding girl friend or potential wife in future. He's looking for girl who is not childish and not spoiled and loyal of course.
Y : Okay then, you can give him my contacts. But Re, I always silly too sometimes, and kind of childish and of course I'm an independent girl, but I love to be spoiled by my partner in future... So, he might not like me lahh...
R : Ah, I know're not too clingy. Csn I have your pictures?
Y : You can have it all... we're following each other in IG.
R : I'll just screenshot everything. Okay then, wait till my brother text you yaa..
Y : Hahahaha, okay Rere.

GROSS Political Timeline Discussion
N : They said they won't defend anyone during the Governor's Election, and will only defend public interests... But always write about Ahok in timeline. Well, IF YOU DON'T LIKE HIM, DON'T PRETEND THAT YOU SERVED PUBLIC INTEREST WHEN YOU DO THAT! 
Y : Me toooo. I dislike ****'s status so much.
N : HAHAHAHA I unfriend that person long time ago during Presidential Election.
Y : Whoaaa... I couldn't unfriend that person Niken, that person always fond of me and always tag me in every status that will be posted.
N : Cieee.... Gross!
Y : Hahahaha... yep. 

That Pressure Group
S : Status : Thank you honey, for always being there for me through good time and bad.

F then said to group, how about we report her post as abusive content ?
ALL : Sure!! *we log in to our account and report the post as a abusive content*

The post is banned and vanished from our timeline.

F : Should we tell S we do that to her status ?

*Invite S in the group chat*
 F : Sorry, we report your post as abusive content
W : Sorry, we report your post as abusive content (2)
A1 : Sorry, we report your post as abusive content (3)
L : Sorry, we report your post as abusive content (4)
A2 : Sorry, we report your post as abusive content (5)
 and the list goes on... (there's 20 of us)


Dear my super absurd friends and best friends out there, 
I'm so glad I have you guys in my life. And somehow I wonder why we could ever be friend with each other in the first place. Like, sometimes I DO DISLIKE being your friend but you guys manage things well between us. I'm glad that I know you!

I promise I'll write something a bit serious later on. I have so much going on right now and pardon me of my honesty, YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY AND I LOVE YOU!


Yoan Letsoin

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