Hey, You’re Viral Part 2 : The Game of Throne

By Yoan Letsoin - December 04, 2016

credit: Jean-Marc Vallée

Warning :
This article is only my opinion about some stuff going on in our lives, so I’m open to suggestions and Please CMIIW!

“Who has the throne will better prepare for its weight. So much responsibilities lay on it, for some cases, not only the responsibility, but accountability for another man kind. Wisdom is necessary and you better pray for it and have one when you’re reigning!” –Yoan Letsoin (Feels good having my own quotes :P Did I just quote myself? :D)

Pluralism stuff that so mess up that could be the reason for World War III. Usually it’s about being killed by the one who perceived that has it all together with the funding and weapon and maintain its reputation as the undefeatable majority.

Do you have friend? What about best friend? Are you married? Are you happily married with your spouse?
We build the relationship we have with other because of the similarity we share. Married couple and business partner share their best interest together, and complete one to another to achieve the same goals. Instead of differences, we might get closer because of the similarities.

Because feeling similar make us feel closer and related and ‘not feel alone’. We are human, we wanted to be understood and we want to have people around us and support us. And part of our brain is kind of messed up when we are faced with differences, any kind of differences.

Angel & Demon Theory
Let’s make an extreme example about how some of us scared of the unknown. Are you afraid of ghost and alien if you meet one? If you say so, why you are afraid? If you’re non believer about the life after death, just pretend that you believe in another life after death for this example in order for the example makes sense.

Now imagine you’re older, you’re 81 year old and you’re sick on your death bed surrounding by your family and your loved one. It’s the time you have to die, you know it and you’re thankful that you have a really good life. Because of knowing that you live your life to the fullest and always kind to one and another, you’re certain that you’ll go to better place, whether reincarnated as another human with good karma, reincarnated as god and goddess in the 7th Sky or just invited to heaven.  And then for the next couple of minutes, you die. 

Scenario 1 :
In another dimension, you’re now just a soul and you see your own dead body and hear your grand children cries. And then you also see your eldest son is just stand there trying to keep it all together, trying to be strong for the whole family, while your middle daughter is telling your dead body that she’s sorry and how much she loved you. 

You’re alone now. Nobody could see you. Except there’s two entities there in the corner of the room, smiling at you. Both of them look younger than you now. There were your mother who died of the same cancer you had in her 39th, and your older sister who killed because of plane crash 46 years ago. You still remember them clearly in your mind and almost your entire life you wished to see them again because you missed them.
You COME to them and TAKE their hand and HUG them and walk into the light of eternity.

Scenario 2 :
Now think of yourself as some home wreckers, and you did a lot of bad things when you lived. You’re now a lonely soul. Nobody came for your funeral, except your only daughter. She wasn’t even bothered to cry because you’re never even there for her when you’re alive. 

You hear the storm and thunder, it begins to rain. And from far you see the beast with some absurd jaw line, bald, it’s like an animal with red skin and sharp teeth. He come for your soul and tries to catch you. You’re RUNNING AWAY from the beast. But it’s useless he’s now in front of your soul and nobody hears you scream. 

Get the picture?
We’re into something or someone that related to us, similar to us. If it’s different, and not similar or for some cases, perceived ugly, we’ll feel scared or intimidated at some point. And it’s natural if we’re trying to run away or attack something or someone if we’re scared and feel intimidated. 

These scenarios are the extreme example about how we behave at some point and moments in our lives when we’re faced with diversity. I can come up with Alien Theory to explain, or Grade A student Vs The Genius one, but only if you asked. 

These days, sometimes I against myself to log in my Facebook account and see the timeline. It’s all campaign there, some of them black campaign. Welcome to Indonesia! This is the place when  some of the majority pretend to love our diversities for the sake of saving nation’s image about embrace the pluralism to the other nations outside our border.

We have this “Bhinekka Tunggal Ika”, and it’s the best thing that ever happened to us because it brings us together as a country. But after we send home those people from Netherlands and Japan, it’s just become some false quotes in our ideology to maintain. Because if we lose it, some of the region will declare themselves as new country and some of the regions will be devastated because that region who might declare themselves as independent country is the biggest money maker in this country now. And can you imagine the tyranny that will affect some of another region because some of them are the (excuse me) asshole that want to have the power by themselves while torturing another man kind.

Instead having great achievements, make some progress in technology and welcoming the new world and save them, we’re going to set back the world (in my case, my dearest country, Indonesia) to the same exact thing that happened 353 years ago. Which is not the place that I want to be in and neither should you. 

Who has the throne will better prepare for its weight. So much responsibilities lay on it, for some cases, not only the responsibility, but accountability for another man kind. Wisdom is necessary and you better pray for it and have one when you’re reigning!

Hear me out, this world is a mess and so complicated. There so much of this world that we haven’t understand yet and many of them will remain the greatest mystery and will take really really really long time for us to seek for the answer. So, if there’s anything, by anything I mean ANYTHING right now that we can learn and to be more enlighten, why don’t we all learn all about them and be more enlighten?

We do know that some of us have different races, and grow up in certain location with different culture, but we know that WE ARE ALL THE HOMO SAPIENS. We’re the same species. That is something we have in common. You can be anything, rich, poor, gay, lesbian, anything you want to label yourself into. But please remember, first, you’re human.

Even if you try to make your marriage works, you’ll stay for better and worst right. Because you’re more into forgive than leave. And it’s good to be with your loved one for everything she/he’s done right than leave for one thing that he/she’s done wrong. (Idk, this paragraph doesn’t really help me to proof my point, but you get it, right?)

Who doesn’t want a power? Power is great! Look at those Avengers in sky try to beat up the bad guys! The answer is some of the people prefer to live in peace rather than having power but never truly feel the peace inside. But hey, some of us should be leader and guide us to the same purpose we have! YES SURE, the thing is we need the one with the good intention, and the one who will also fight for humanity.

Because the moment we stop fighting for each other, it is the moment that we stop being a human. ( 2012 Movie told me that!!!)

I want to have leader with flaws, and not just tolerate the diversity but also embrace them. If you do believe in God, Allah, Universe, Anything powerful that we couldn’t explain yet, remember that The One that you believe in, creates the entire universe with the whole diversity for some reason. If He/ God/ Allah/ The Universe wants it to be the same, why don’t make the world with the same cloning with same DNA, same hair cut, same everything, right?

Well, the problem with that cloning world would be, HOW WE DIFFERENT EACH OTHER? Well, we’re all the same, but I think I will name the entire human with code number like some stuff in inventory.

123       : Hey, long time no see 85649!
856498 : You still alive 123!
123       : I might be put down for good tomorrow. At 2 PM in 9357’s office.
856498 : That’s sucks, I put down my dog last month he’s old enough to walk.
123      : Same problem. Last year I got into accident so doctor amputated my leg to keep me alive but you know, in this world everything should be similar.

856498: What happened?
123      : My idealist neighbor found out about my condition after the operation, and decided to call the press and police. I went to the court and spend all my money to defend myself to live for another 7 years, you know  that we’re all have to be put down when we’re 50, when we’re no longer  productive enough for the society but I’m healthy now even without my right leg. I think I deserve that 7 years but my motion is denied.

 856498: So this is your last day on earth? Do you want to celebrate it?
123       : No, my last day would be tomorrow before 2 PM and hecks yes, let’s celebrate it!
856498 : Bartender, we need 12 shoot of fire ball please! You got this round right?
123       : 12 shoots? Yeah, I might need to get drunk tonight instead of sober and cry about things.


You might say, “WTF Yo? That doesn’t even make any sense? “
And I would like to respond with, ”EXACTLY! THANK YOU! When you are permissive with ‘being against diversity’ and agree for rejecting other culture, someday we’re going to make sure everything is the same and similar.”

I don’t want to live in the world when I feel unsafe and neither should you. Remind me of the racist tree and how the social progress was made.

You can read about the racist tree here.

And just admit it, some of you probably are the same as the racist tree.

Okay, in the end of the day I’m still your friend and I love all of you so much. Just because our eldest isn’t welcome enough about this pluralism stuff, we shouldn’t feel the same way or make judgment right away about things that we don’t know yet.

Let’s be friends and understand each other better. We might have a chance to make this world better place for another next generation. Do good, always do good even if people will forget about it tomorrow. Do good anyway and also make yourself forget about it. It will grow, someday, somehow and you might not be a national hero or the one who win the Nobel Prize, but if you do good, you will have happy live because you have those good relationship with others and your family and dearest one will remember you as the one they look up to, and so does your grand children and their grand children… the list goes on until the eternity. 

Yoan Helen Apriliyani Letsoin

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