Hey, You're Viral Part 3: Genius Versus Madness

By Yoan Letsoin - December 04, 2016

Actually this article was on my draft since early November and I just want to publish it today because I was busy working and training for DNS stuff (I should make blog about my work, it's kind of interesting ... for nerd people,  I guess). So, this is my point of view about the genius and madness stuff that tend to be viral online.
Warning :
This article is only my opinion about some stuff going on in our lives, so I’m open to suggestions and Please CMIIW!

Hey, it's me again this week and today we're going to talk about the election in United States. I'm not sure who's going to win, but seems like it's going to be Trump. I'm not fancy him, or anything but congrats for your win! Hillary will be okay. Like Donald said in their second debate, she is tough. Maybe it's not the right time for Madam President yet in United States.

Too bad, if I could vote, I'm not going to. Because even if she seems to know and familiar about issues in her country, there's something about her is just not right. What can I say, I consider myself a gladiator like Olivia Pope, so, I have to trust my guts. Meanwhile, Trump is just... Trump. He's Trump and you knew him already since He already married to Ivana and cheated on her with Marla and now Melanie. He's the businessman, typical candidate and you might know his agenda already.

Genius Guy with Logical Thinking

P1: ALL Human is kind of animal species
P2: You are human
C: You are kind of animal species.

We do think based on our logic and find the perfect reasoning for some actions. Why this happened to us? Why? Why? How? Seriously? Use your logic! That's the main reason that our technology already come this far in 20 years.

credit : pinimg.com

Newton III Law : ACTION - REACTION (Some of us might call it 'KARMA')
"When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body."

In the Dark Ages, any kind of invention, math, and science is kind of forbidden, because the Catholic church who reigned the whole Europe thought it as a threat for their power. It's easy to think that way that time, because we don't know things. Until now, have you ever feel like the more you learn and study, the more you realize that you don't know many many many things and how the universe is just so complex and feels like infinity?

I would like to think that if there's something weird already explained, it doesn't necessary mean that it's no longer magic anymore. You already know the gravity concept, but could  you just admit that the gravity is just so magical? And how the Wright Brother tried to fly and tried to defy the gravity and succeed. Even if things are already explained, those things are still magical. Which means that there's the unknown force or power that so high that form this concept of our universe and life. Call it whatever you're comfortable with, you might call it God, Allah, Yhwe, Universe, or even Zeus.

So, we shall not afraid about losing our faith because deep inside we're never sure about many things, yet we sure about something higher (probably highest) than us. That's why I don't really believe in Atheist people, I would rather say they're all Agnostic. Renaissance was the golden age for invention and science. People found the vaccine for illness, Nobel made those dynamite and fell sorry about it after those people used it in war, even for the latest conspiracy by madness people.

One of my favorite theme article to read in my timeline is about new invention. Like devices to trace your car key with phone or pretty much anything new. And sometimes I watch a lot of TED Talks or TED Edu, or in Indonesian version, there's KOK BISA? The complicated economy inflation issue explained with cute animation. (I remember had a crush on animation guy back then, he's cute in real life and one of my friend actually dated one, another animation guy and he made her animation movie to show her how much she meant to him...awww... but the twist is that my friend married someone else in the end... hahahaha).

Right now, everyone is craving for new information about something that consist logic behind it and demand the truth to be explained systematically. So, we need those cool nerd to study more and make another new invention or those cool observant to make journal about things.

Credit : biography.com | Do you know that Newton was not completely unfortunate looking, right? It's so hard to know that he was never married nor have a girlfriend. Maybe Isaac was gay back then like Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game.Or just socially awkward dude? Think about it!

Madness Guy with Creative Thinking (Way too creative, sometimes)

I hate to do this, but I have to admit at the same time that the whole world still perceive USA as the powerful country and tend to measure success and modernity of a country based on USA's Standard (Westernization, right? Did I say the term right? ). Yeah, I couldn't blame it, because they won the war back then. So, just like ABBA Song, "The winner takes it all... the loser's standing small."

credit : infiniteunknown.net | Something is going to happen soon, and won't be good. Trust me :)

The minute they said that Trump win the elections, my timeline strike back with political thoughts about having Trump as USA President. I was like... Really? He Win? How the hell America? How could you guys let him win?

I remember something, THEY WANT WAR! Ever since Lady Diana had that 'incident' in Frace, I always know that they will do anything to hold on to their power. Yes, you know what I'm talking about, right? Let me give you a clue, it's the Dodi Al Fayed thing...

(Have you ever read the Gone Girl? It's all about the payback, sadly turned out to be love and another thing bigger than love. She was the icon of a good things in society, and something that perceived to be a good things, shouldn't look 'ugly' in front of the mass).

Ehm, just like Ivana Trump said in The First Wives Club, " Don't get mad, GET EVERYTHING!"

We know that the world won't be at peace. To be powerful, or perceived powerful, you need to win something... like a war. Too bad, Trump doesn't realize that he is just  another card to be played in these massive plan since ancient story.

White power is there already, and there are so many 'chink bullying' put in spotlights and became the media's agenda. I hate to see my favorite Manolo Gonzalez- Ripoll Vergara upset about things and Chrissy Teigen's tweet to Trump was like....."HA..BURN!"

But I don't want to be bias on things. Like Hillary said, Trump has his positive traits as well. I don't know how many, but we'll going to find out soon when he actually works at the Oval.

This is what I call madness. People love to read conspiracy theory about stuff. And thing doesn't necessary have to be proven with actual evidence and logic. Sometimes, creative thinking is more than enough.

This kind of things actually really dangerous field to be in. Because in my opinion, someone out there is trying to shaped our way of thinking toward things that somehow uncertain and not even present the real truth. I call it the false belief. One of the reason why someone could have false belief is that he/she might doesn't like the idea of things and tries to validate herself/himself and make justification of liking or not liking the things in the end.

In the end of the day, we need all those inventors and the conspiracy makers to keep us entertained while we are scrolling our timeline before sleeping.

Yoan Helen Apriliyani Letsoin

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