Inspiration : Meghan Markle

By Yoan Letsoin - December 19, 2016

It's always nice to hear speech like this from another woman. Turned out Meghan Markle is currently Prince Harry's girlfriend. Wow, I never thought Harry will meet this amazing girl because he will always fool around with different girls on every occasions, just like Clooney who always seen with different models from time to time on the red carpet before meet Amal Alamuddin.

I love that she just looked stunning with natural make up and simple up do and YES, LBD makes everything look classy.

And seriously, Harry, if you don't end up with Meghan, just listen to this old lady :

Yoan Letsoin


PS. I'm having a cold right now and please, I beg you, don't invite me to do anything outside. Especially you Hilda.... YES YOU HILDA!

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