June To Come

May 05, 2017

Emotional attachment on me
I felt them all
Symphony of a sympathy
Should I stop them from happening?

June to come
The middle of year will come
I wanted to be that girl
That girl, among those other girls

It's too stupid sometimes
To believe in something uncertain
I just wish that June will come soon

Where the water is too clear
I can show your reflection on it
I can wash away our sins, theirs too
June to come

For the father who's long gone
For the friend who's missing home
For the man who's walk alone
They will come on June, soon.
Very soon.
Too soon.

June to come
But tears perfectly fall down
On one evening
On the best time to sleep
On the highest expectation
On the illusions of December

So, June to come
Will I still be here on June?
Or will you dissapear on my darkest night
My twisted mind
My selfish world

June to come
I wish if I have more time
I wanted to escape
I wanted to be trapped
To those days in April
Hundred and hundred years ago

The perfect time on June
Starting from April
They did meet, then they died on June.

June to come
Tell my children I love them
Tell my teacher I will always owe them
And tell God, I wish I was better person.

I'm still on May
6th of May
Trying to sleep
Crying to sleep

Lately my heart is sobbing
Even my brain couldn't even protest anymore.
It's too pity to laugh at too.

Should I wait even more?

You know,
But you decided not to know.

June to come,
My tongue is tied
This secret isn't mine to tell


I'm crying.

+Random girl

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