La beauté des petites fleurs [Short Story]

By Yoan Letsoin - May 18, 2017

It's to young to give up for anything you wanted in life. So, what about give in?
It was like another life time passed by without even someone narrated it. 

"How could you accepted the fact that you can make something out of it, yet you choose to let it go?" The older woman with grey hair looked at her, pitiful.

It was like another Dexter, keep on loosing chances with Emma in 1988. While it was clear on 1940, they're together, were never married and never saw each other again once he left for war.

One of the guy in the back sit, the fat one with the white shirt and crocked halo, tries to stand up but then give up and keep eating his popcorn. He take a deep breath and counting to three. Then he whispers to the little girl with gold hair next to him, " I guess both of them are bad people, really bad people in their previous life."

The little girl with the same star wand as the other angel then stand up and kick the chair in front of him and yelled at God, " You couldn't do this to my Cecilia. I'm her guardian since her soul trapped in the world 800,000 years ago, At least You should tell me what will happen to her in the next 20 years or give her at least one chances in her lifetime to actually live the life she deserves. I only have this job because I really want to see if Cecilia or Emma will eventually have one!"

God doesn't talk back nor answer her frustration. After all this little girl is only 800.100 years old, she doesn't know how heaven works for people who still trap in the world. But at the beginning God did explain something to this little girl that Cecilia or Emma or whatever name she had or will ever have in future, that she will be reunited for the great purpose when she's ready.

Even angels are impatient to wait for this to happen. It's not like the other human that could only have 7 times and usually made it at the end. It's already 800.000 years and she was born 1968 times already. 

Everyone in this very room is confuse.

She was never be one of those important people while she lived or live or will live in the world.
She was never invented anything or being written as poet or painted by important artist.
She's far from anything that belong to the world.

Even if she vanished today, no one will ever look for her.

"Her love is blind, which is why she is special and one of a kind," Mother walks down to the room, surrounding by her own grace. 

With eyes full of mercy, she sits in a broken chair and hold her little girl hand and whispers," Trust me, just have faith in me, she will be okay."

Not even Robbie, or Dexter in the end of day will be there for her, all the kingdom of heaven will cherish her life. Because she's one of a kind, 

After all, we live by faith, not by sight. Yes?

So, how are you today? 

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