The Late Night Talk

By Yoan Letsoin - June 05, 2017

"Yo, am I his girlfriend already after this?"

"I told him to better ask my mother if he wanted to ask me out."

"I don't want anyone else."

"I wanted to break up, but if i do that, I'm scared that I will be the one that will look for him."

"I'm scared. He gave me ring as a present. Ring! What I am supposed to do with that?"

"Good night, sweet."

"It's normal I guess. In my case, I didn't really like him at first but my dad saw something in him and made me see him in other perspective. Now I'm so in love with him but there was the time I was so insecure that he still in love with his ex girlfriend."

"Well, after broke up with him, I feel like no one is going to be nice enough like him. I dated this new guy I told you guys about but now I know that he's been trying to get back with his ex. But he texted me once in a while. It's confusing at first, but i decided to let this new one go as well. I don't need that kind of negativity again."

"You probably didn't know because you didn't experience my life. But being me is devastated. I never know who's my mom and my dad always give things to me, even he hired me to work in his own company. While even I have an okay step mother, I feel like no one care about my day. So, ever since at high school, I slept with so many guys, I don't even remember how much."

"I just broke up, he cheated on me with man."

"I don't know what I am to him."

"Yoan, do you know what I did to my boyfriend? I gave him deadline to decide on his own."

"Yoan, do you want to travel to Bromo trip with us?"

"Hey, I'm okay, but they just got divorce."

"Do you know my favorite colour?"

"Ah, we should try the new coffee shop."

"I had enough."

"Can you ask your boss for longer leave for Jakarta next year, I'm getting married and I need all of you to help me."

"Yoan, could you tell your sister to send me some credit for pre paid voucher? I'll pay you cash when i see you."

"Do this one suits me?"

"I am so stupid."

"I wanted to tell you that he's coming to Bali next November and he is planning to Jakarta to meet my dad! I am so happy!"

"I think we both should apply for Master degree if we both still not yet married in 2 years."

"I want to live in Bali, would you like to join? Please?"

"I don't want to buy my camera on our next trip. I don't want to be everyone's photographer while I have only few pictures of myself."

"My boyfriend is planning for our date on weekend, can i have your AM shift?"

"I'm going to wait. It's okay if it will take forever."

"Gosh, I'm so impatient."

"What should I reply to him?"

"Can you forward that email, so i can have a copy?"

"I wonder if 5 years from now we'll exchange trivia on how to take care babies."

"It's nice to try sky diving, but too expensive. I'm going to marry the instructor, so I can jump from the plane whenever I want."

"I want to be president, but seeing that i will work with bunch of old man from other century, I think I will withdraw my candidacy."

"Yes, I don't know if it's El Nino or El Nina, but I feel so hot these days."

"I worked overtime today. Help me, save me Yoan!"

"Are you okay?"

"Hey, my texts is not newspapers. Do not just read them... You need to reply to me ASAP."

"I'm cooking, you want to have dinner at my place?"

"Can you make itinerary for our trip?"

"Can you do the benchmarking for the trip?"

"You should treat me drinks."

"This is the watch that i wanted to give to him as birthday present."

"This is his ex girlfriend."

"I feel bad for this, can i say sorry?"

"Bring me some tomorrow, i want to try."

"I'm on family trip to Japan. So, what do you want as a gifts?"

"I'm working so I can travel more and eat great food."

"We're saving for next year. He's going to go to Borneo to meet my parents. Well, that's the plan."

"I want to be in marathon."

"Did you see the latest vlog of her? So damn funny."

"Ahh, read this post about them. So, romantic."

"He thought that she was Korean."

"I love Chico Jericho!"

"Yoan, will you come back to Jakarta soon?"

"When you will be here at Gading Serpong? It's been too long."

"I wanted to go to zoo."

"Let's make her nervous."

"I love Andrew White. Nana Mirdad's fate is just so great."

"What is that?"

"Please stop being insane. I think he's okay."

"Yoan, you should sleep."

"You already wake up or haven't sleep since last night?"


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