Serious Talk?

By Yoan Letsoin - July 06, 2017

Last month my sister told me that she wanted to learn how to sew, and we are end up scrolling on our timeline looking for sewing machine, of course the low budget one with the fixed pattern. She wanted to learn how to sew because she wanted to try to have scarf business. Simple idea, buying fabrics and then make scarf out of it.If friends like it, then sell it to them.

As for me, I LOVE Kain Lilit and Kebaya (Indonesian traditional dress). So, I wanted to buy those Batik fabric and make my own kain lilit. As for Kebaya, I think I will just buy them online. 

Since November 2016, I have a plan to spend more time to paint and write and sing and taking photographs but work and taking care of other things always demanding more of my time. So, when I do have a time, I am already exhausted. Do not even mention laundry that I haven't done yet. 

Well, since it's already July 2017, I will try to be more focus of my goals. Doing these things already make me happy. OMG, I'm so easy...... 

I remember the other day, I have major headache and heartburn due to work, sleeping schedule and forgot to eat. Oh, I always forget to eat. I remember in high school, my parent have to brought me to emergency room in hospital in the middle of dawn. And I was so pissed off because of that, I skipped the Physics Examination and have to go to Teacher's office to have the following exam, alone. 

So, yeah... that's just fun fact about me. Anyway, there won't be any serious talk here. Just want to share my water color painting using nothing but leftover water color and 20 cent made in China brush during a long night.

Well, this is actually the behind the scene picture : (Yes, I'm so messy and dirty because I used my take away juice cup after finished all the juice... I feel kinda proud because I'm using only one brush for everything. Don't ask, I've no idea where I put all my brushes).


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