To Afraid To Be Greedy & Being Too Much

By Yoan Letsoin - July 10, 2017

I've spend almost 72 hours to watch 6 seasons of Game of Throne that inspired by The War of Roses in history, except with the Dragon and White Walkers. I've downloaded them since in university since 1st season premier, like 2013 or 2014  but I lost them in folders (And my folders like a series of junk files, I have no idea even if I use 'search feature', I cannot find the right keyword to find those files).

And 4 years later, (...)


Since the end of season 6 revealed that Jon Snow isn't Ned Stark's bastard, he is the only living son of Rhaegal Targaryen, maybe still a bastard too, but he has Stark's and Targaryen's blood, which is he have the back up and support from people from the North and HE IS TARGARYEN. 

If looking back to The War of Roses, Dany and Jon should be married to end the war, but she is his aunt. No idea if incest relationship is allowed, just so weird.

If Targaryen, Lannister, Stark should marry eachother, then.. probably :

- Sansa will accept the fate that she and Tyrion still married.( North and West)

- Or Tyrion could die, so Sansa will marry Lord Baelish ( I don't know, he's good looking despite his manipulative brain, and he is the step father of the Sweet Robin, the Lord of Eyrie, Warden of the East)  (North and East)

-Or Arya Stark should marry Robin. She's the knight while Robin didn't even know how to be a men. They complete each other. Too bad, I love her to be with the guy who has many faces (Jagen H'ghar).
(North and East)

Jon Snow, Lord Commander could marry anyone from South, but I don't know, Queen Margaery is already dead on explosion. So, anyone from House of Tyrell should be okay. But he's the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, so He can't be married to anyone. back to square one. He loved that Wildlings' girl though. Why not? He is the King of The North now until... maybe later when Bran appear for the throne.  But Bran is the Warg. I think he wouldn't mind Jon to take the throne, Bran is a good boy.

Lannister family is so fucked up, nobody want to marry them, except Tyrion, Tyrion is MY FAVORITE. Cercei is so annoying and Jamie is part of Kingsguard, so he cannot married to anyone.

- Dany as the Mother of Dragon and the last Mad King's legitimate daughter for the throne and also the true Targaryen could marry Ser Jorah, from Mormont... because I love Ser Jorah, he looks like my sweet bubu . (West  - North)

OH GOSH, I AM SUCH A NERD!!! (but I do care so much >_<  I want to have my own Valyrian's sword on my wall now... Oh Gosh, whyyy?)

Too Much of Them, Only One of Me

Okay, stop all the interruption now, I want to talk about being greedy.

Lately I feel very very very uncomfortable with myself being greedy and exposed too much with all the social medias I have. 

I'm not the type of person who love to hang out every week, or every two weeks, or ... nah, I don't really like going out. If I must go, I prefer to have my own me time eating fruit salad by the beach, or netflix time. I feel bad about refusing offers to go out, so I just want to hide for awhile from society. If I keep appearing on someone's else timeline, then they will text me and ask me to hang out. And the truth is, I DON'T WANT TO GO. Except for special occasions.

To be honest, I don't even like to step out of my room or even taking garbage outside. Anything that requires me to wear pants, bra or sandals. I hate it.

Sometimes I just wanted to lose my number. or my phone.... hahaha.
My routine are replying emails, cooking, cleaning, texting my group, answering call from mother and texting bubu. Boring, but still exhausted by the end of the day.

There's this advise by older generation, saying, "If someone ask you out, just go out and experience! Don't stay at home"

Me : I don't have time to go out, I love staying at home. Napping make me happy as I couldn't have them when I'm working.

Thankful : Can See, Can't Touch!

Have you ever see something, taste something, experience something you like, really like but only happen for certain period of times or several different occasions?

You will be thankful as if you feel how your life has been blessed so far.

But somehow, it's like a drugs. You want more of it. It's addictive to you.

My rule : Anything too much, is not good.

So, right now I am afraid. I am afraid that I will lose myself become addictive with certain of things. I need to reevaluate them. I used to be strong, this thing make me weak, but I couldn't help it.

Well, I don't do drugs, but anyway, I don't like my self to feel all these constant need. I need to stop and gain my self control back.

Because for me, to hear good news, see good things, taste something, and experience one thing good in life, it's okay too. I should be thankful. 

The most amusing men I love to watch on the show.

So, thank you,


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