Yoan Letsoin

I don’t know how you could ended up on my page but I am so glad that you did!
My name is Yoan Letsoin and I am this crazy girl living in Batam, Indonesia. I grew up in community with diversities and decided I am here in this world to serve humanity and spreading positive energy and laughter as often as I can.
Sometimes too funny to be serious and sometimes too serious to be funny.
Slowly but surely trying to sprinkle kindness everywhere and conquering the world with one beautiful smile and hot tea at a time. 
I write about my anxieties, opinions or just things that happening with people around me.
xo, Yoan Letsoin

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Taman Duta Indah C 15
Tiban Indah, Sekupang 29426
Batam Island - Indonesia 

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